Yea do not vent your frustration, it makes it seem like you care too much about her. This type of girl does not want guys who care too much about her. You can tell because she dumped her bf for being clingy.

Your big problem was that you made yourself too available. She flaked on you tue, then weds the next day you ask her to hang out? Way too should have froze her out for a few days.

And no offense but when you say you "made myself seem less available by saying come at 5" how does that make sense? That is making yourself seem more available if anything. Less available would be saying "sorry, can't today" just like she did to you when she flaked.

She doesn't want a guy who's going to jump at every opportunity to hang out w her. You should have just said "sorry, going bowling" and left it at that. That way she knows you're out having fun, you don't feel like inviting her because she was being a b!tch flaking on you twice that week, and that you're not so interested/clingy that you are desperate to hang out with her. she'll be at home thinking how she can get back on your good side instead of thinking wow I can just walk all over this guy.