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    Default a few question regarding opening from sssha

    1. as long as I know , if you call people by their own name , they'd respond friendlier and be more open , but I read in Neil Strauss's book that you should never ask her name first , instead she should be the first one , so that you can get IOI... so I'm confused, you might never get your foot in the door if you don't use the name trick. 2. is it OK to tell a lie at first and then change the subject quickly , like telling her "I'm the owner of that store you just walked out of , I was wondering if the staff treated you politely" something like that and get the conversation going and then change it and ask her out or ask for her number ? won't it hurt your image if she finds out you're not the owner ? ( you could say I was just kiddin bla bla bla ) 3. so I read in a lot of places that you should not spend a dime on a girl before getting laid, so basically asking a girl out for a dinner is wrong ? you should only ask for number ? and then maybe set a date at home ? thanks fellas

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    Default Re: a few question regarding opening

    If you know them use the name, or if she gives it to you use it later, but you don't need the name immediately

    And yes an innocuous lie is ok if you're joking around and tell her later, it's just playful instead of dishonest. People pretend to have different jobs all the time, like disposable lighter repairman, just to have fun.
    And actually the store opener sounds like fun

    And yes you're right about the money, but change that rule, "don't spend money on a girl till she's earned it"
    If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, say you will for a kiss, a *real kiss*

    Paying for a girl on a date is a gray area, but usually it's ok to buy at that point because it's not part of your initial evaluation phase, if she comes out again it's a date instead of you still trying to pick her up

    But don't do dinner, maybe drinks or something interactive, maybe a comedy club, have fun with it
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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    Default Re: a few question regarding opening from sssha

    Remember that some "rules" aren't all that strict.
    When it comes to paying for stuff, it's OK depending on the situation.

    Example: I was chatting with a cutie about sushi.
    She's as big a foodie as I am, so I told her I was going to check out this new place that I heard was amazing, and that she should roll with me this past Sat evening. (Our fist meeting in person)

    Now, I should point out that we already had built rapport/comfort & attraction. Our convos had also become somewhat sexual. So when we got to the sushi bar, I told her, "this one's on me..." and smiled while I continued, "You can get the next one when we go out again."
    (I was establishing the fact that we WERE gonna get together again and SHE was paying next time. But I said in a casual way so it was no big deal.. like it's totally normal for me to say that to anyone.... even a "hot girl")

    By the way, her sushi roll was only $6.00 AND she ordered water to drink. So, not really breakin' the bank there.

    Anyway, yesterday afternoon (Tues) she sends me a text,"You should let me buy you a drink after work this evening."

    So, she drove 30 miles to meet me at a little bar close to where I live, & bought drinks. (She spent $25.00 on MY drinks)

    I pulled out the heavy artillery as far as flirting/escalation goes & then told her she needed to come to my place; you know, since it's right around the corner...

    Now it's 8:00PM & we're making out like high school kids for a while....
    Then I told her, "It's getting late & you have a bit of a drive; we should stop... because if we don't, you'll end up in my bed..."

    She went home..... at 5:30 this morning.

    So, as far as NEVER paying? Or at least, never paying before sex?
    Like I said, that's not a strict rule.
    Just don't be all supplicating & needy when you do it. And, as I pointed out, you don't have to spend a ton of money.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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