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    Default specific situation advice needed

    Ok so I'm going to the beach soon with a big group of friends and i'm trying to isolate and hook up with one girl in the group. Not sure how to do it because we are friends but here are the details..

    We have been friends for a few years but both just graduated college so we havent seen each other in 2 months and more than likely won't see each other again.

    We hooked up once before but then she said she wanted to date and I didn't want that so I was scared and ignored her/hooked up with her friends for the next year of college.

    She is a HB9 and I am just as attractive the sexual tension can be cut with a knife.

    My main question is how do I isolate her from the group to let her know that I want a weekend fling i'm pretty sure she would be interested if I made it obvious but I don't know how to do this in front of our group of friends.

    Any input will be appreciated

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    Default Re: specific situation advice needed

    If you are all friends then you should know who the cock blockers are. Handle them first. Any people you dont know then make friends with them to better your chances.

    You also need a logical place to isolate. Maybe rent a room or someone's vehicle. Plan ahead for this one. The rest is just running your game and seeing if you can do those things so you can get your hook up.

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