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    Default Mixed Signals....big response

    This is my fist post. Sorry its long, I was at a party about a month ago, i started talking to this girl in the kitchen, she engaged in conversation with me about the BBQ and asked how i liked my burger. We started talking for about 10 minutes..smooth conversation...alot of eye contact..playing with hair..arm touching..etc.. i felt it was to early in the party to ask for her number or anything, and i also had alot of friends there who I havnt seen in a while, she didnt know anybody in the party also, except her friend who brought her there. On and off at the party i must have talked to her about 2-3 times, i brought her over a drink.. outside we talked some more. I felt for sure I had it in the bag, I was feeling very confident and she was interested. Then something happened, which upset me, but actaully spiked my interest in her much more. While I was talking to some female and male friends, she started talking to another guy there. No big deal, i felt no threat, she is about 5/8, and built, he was about 5.6 and chunky, and im 6'3 200, then i seen them exchange numbers.
    I was like whats goin on, i should have showed more interest, i wasnt aggressive enough. Those were the thoughts that went through my head. Then her group of friends were leaving to go to another party, she walked over and gave me a hug and said she was leaving, i said goodbye, but didnt ask for her number, main reason i was feeling insecure she gave this guy her number.

    On the way home i started thinking about the whole situation, i should have got her number, she seemed so interested, i was attracted to her, we had alot in common, and i blew it. So i did something i never done, i looked her up on facebook and friend requested her and wrote her a small message," it was nice meeting you at the party, i didnt have a chance to get your number, i would like to take you out to dinner sometime". Well she accepted my friends request, but no response from her on the message. I figured that must have been a bad move , going the facebook route and i know it!!

    Anyway last week i was out at a club, and in she walks. I was a little buzzed, right when she walked in, i was in the front of the bar, so she had to cross my path. She walks over gives me a hug, so I say joking, "heres the girl thats been ignoring me", she laughs and said she been busy,and starts basic conversation and walks to back of bar. i was resigned to fact she not interested and forgot her. But....she walks back over to me, starts talking to me again, flirting i was just honest, i said ," i thought we hit it off well at the party, and i was suprised when i didnt hear back from you". She says well i defintlly want to hang out, i start acting sarcastic saying we'll see , in a joking manner, and she gives me her number, when i was taking it, i usually do a test to she if they are paying attention and put a wrong number in, and she corrected me, and noticed, so i thought that was a good sign. So at the end of the night, then we went our seperate ways..At the end of the night i sent a casual text..(probably a mistake, im leaving have a nice night") no response..a few days later i called response...shes a tease and game player, but i keep thinking about her, any insight on this situation,,,i know i messed up alot of things. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Mixed Signals....big response

    Women have been playing games a lot longer than men, don't be so nice in texts or she will rate you a nice guy, my advice is on facebook get a "different girl" to post on you're wall and have very subtle flirting with the girl posting. then like something on the girl you likes wall like a comment and then she will see it an most likely check your page (or it will appear in her feed)to see whats been happening in your life, if you play it right she will see the other girl and see her as threat arousing attraction, its an old school seduction method "creating Triangles" girls want what others have. don't text her for a couple days. this will plant a seed in head and grow desire towards you. and most likely she will think your not interested and text back with some lousy excuse saying she was busy. or PM you.

    But you can fall back into the nice guy if you fall for it, make her wait for a reply, maybe a day for the first and then after that take just a bit longer then she does every time and be cold at first,.

    i recommend constantly creating mystery on your facebook while this happens, get a mate or add a guy on this forum on facebook and get him to post on your wall "you're a bad man, last nice was crazy" this will set up mystery for you and just keep playing the bad boy, then from there if you keep it up within a week she be keen to meet up.

    Hope i helped, here for every one, this worked on my ex for two years even though i had a lot of social status too already creating the bad boy image.


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