I cross posted this in the how to talk to girls thread. Figure it will help.

After struggling with this myself, I am going to lay out some topics that will help you build Comfort and connect with women.

Background: Never had issues in sleeping with girls over the last 10 years due to a high confidence and inner game, but could never connect with them. I was always into myself and was a quite kid who lacked conversational skills.

You goal should be to learn about every person you meet. Every person has something to teach you that you can learn and network with. This works with dating also and building a lasting relationship(s).

These will help you make people feel good about themselves, learn who they really are inside, find what you two have in common, and will lead to building a sense of comfort with each other. But don't try to do it by trying to get your side across, there will be time for that after you built comfort.

1. Learn what their passionate about.

2. Discuss their childhood, you can learn a lot about their experiences.

3. Discuss your surroundings...peopl e and where your at...you build a shared experience

4. Their travels...

5. Their ambitions..

6. Current events...use this sparingly at first.

7. Life lessons.

Hope these topics will help you understand the process and allow for better social skills.