Hi guys,

I met this girl about 3 years ago on a holiday camp in Greece(I was 17 back then) . I instantly liked her, talked to her, we laughed together and had lots of fun. On our second day another guy from the camp tried to make out with her, she rejected him and he cried his eyes out for at least 2 days .

From this moment I was way too shy to try to kiss her or ask her out.... -.-

After the camp we lost track of each other. Then one year later I added her on Facebook and we kept on writing each other. In the last 2 Months she told me everything about her love life... what she likes what her exboyfriend was like and what her aims are in life. (Is this friendzone or IOI?) She always started the conversation. She game me her Number and we're texting, too. Today I'm visiting 2 friends in the town she lives in (1 hour ride) and she asked me out for a coffee and wants to show her town to me....

What should I do, what are the IOIs if you know a person for that long? How many IOIs untill I can try to kiss her? Do you have any strategies?

I hope you can help me,