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    Default Help With Her Objection: If We Are Meant To Meet Again, Then We'll Meet ...


    I would really appreciate the right advice from an expert PUA here.

    Being normally pretty good at approaching herwithin 3 seconds and then opening her up in an entertaining way that usually makes her smile, one of the common objections that I get very often during my daygame or street pickups is when I suggest that we keep in touch via phone and then she smilingly says to me down the lines:"If we are meant to meet again, then we will meet again."

    Any concrete tips that would really help me handle this objection will be much appreciated.

    In advance many thanks.

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    Default Re: Help With Her Objection: If We Are Meant To Meet Again, Then We'll Meet

    You don't want those girls.

    A common trend in today's modern thought is this idea of "fate" or "destiny." I don't want to get into a religious debate, but this steps on predestination vs. choice. Most people (not only women) overexaggerate the extent to which destiny (if you so choose to believe in the concept) plays a role in our lives; so far to the point of being detrimental to their progress. "What's meant to be" becomes an excuse to not work at things that could be.

    If you're into PU you subconsciously subscribed to extreme choice, because if not we were all "destined" to be AFC's. Choice is power, and if she doesn't believe that your beliefs are going to collide.

    I just broke up with my girlfriend because of this. Not to attack her as a person, but her limiting beliefs were too much for me to even comprehend.

    You aren't going to be happy with those girls.
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    Default Re: Help With Her Objection: If We Are Meant To Meet Again, Then We'll Meet

    To me this isn't an objection it's a sign and she is saying "I don't want that" but not "I don't want you" there is a big difference.

    To be honest I read it two ways, either she is saying she just simply wants to fuck me or more over that I made such an impression that she see's me as a long term boyfriend material guy.. The latter of these in my experience means these girls are believes in true love, white weddings and 2.4 children they yearn for a deeper connection and won't put out easily even their number. These girls are the ones if you can crack will blow your mind, they are normally at least HB9's and have been burnt by their ex.

    The way in with these women is to show them empathy and mke common ground that shows you have DHV "Tell her your mother allways says that she loves how you never tell anyone you love them unless you mean it and too many people fall in love for the wrong reason, tell her love only lasts a minute or year but when it comes along to ride it with your hands up in the air, I call it the "Woody" approach because it makes me woody aka hard when a girl plays hard to get and it reminds me of a scene with Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump lol

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