I add this chick on fb and she doesn't acc my request. I send a "." msg and she adds me from another account of hers. then we talk like 150 lines , she's very very energetic , I can tell she's laughing at my jokes, she asks for my real name (IOI , I have a nickname on facebook), and another IOI (she's an art student and she even agreed to draw a painting of me , all I had to do was to send her a pic that night) , I neg her 2 or 3 times, she says she has to do a little of university projects but she keeps talking with , and I say in a fun way "alright, go now gal , u have to finish ur projects , they are callin for u" so I was out that night , I msg'd her around 2 a.m and called her by a nickname I had given her , she didn't answer I checked her profile and her private pictures were now open to me + her cellphone number I msg'd her a day later "hey , I msg'd u u didn't reply , r u still up for that drawing" she didn't answer , I said "alright , btw ur cellphone is public I guess" she doesn't answer and only removes country code (+1 for example) from her number. what's going on ??? I hate this game on facebook :| srsly