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    Default need help with ex, may have already messed up

    i havent really talked to this girl person to person for somewhat of two years up until last night

    this is the first and so far only girl i've had a serious relationship with in my whole life so far, we dated for about a year when she was 16 and i was 18 as a senior in highschool, it was a highly physical and sexual relationship from the start and pretty much continued as such. Towards the end of this relationship that was pretty much the only thing keeping us togeather and there was alot of fighting. Eventually one fight was too many and I ended things rather abruptly and the break up was really really bad and there was no communication for the better part of two years.

    A few months ago she sent me a text and every few weeks we would have short texting sessions. This past week i was at a convention for this thing im involved with out of town. She had texted me during this thing out of the blue and i was able to find some subtle hints in her texts and the texting eventually turned somewhat sexual. A friend of mine and I drove home from this convention around midnight driving for about thirteen hours and at this point i had been awake for about 24 hours and was somewhat out of it. I don't know why i thought hanging out with here after being awake for about 30 hours at this point was a good idea but i decided to go for it

    basically the lack of sleep and the texting and the previous passions that me and this girl use to have with each other really messed up my attempts and flirting with her. I was coming on a bit too strongly, mostly because thats what had worked when i first met her years prior. I was also using the cocky and funny technique but i was overly using it, as well as to the point that i had informed her that i had many ecounters this previous year at school. later that night she had also blantatly said to me that we would not be doing anything of a sexual manner that night. After that point we were just kind of casually talking and things were geared more towards a friendly nature a little bit. At the end of the night when i dropped her off she had said that she would be down to hang out again, the way she said it seemed hollow however

    at this point im just not sure what i should do, i would love to try to rekindle something small but not serious. im also aware that there might not be a chance for such things.
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    Default Re: need help with ex, may have already messed up

    I'd put it in the past. Forget the past and move on, it will better you as a person. You have a lot to experience and build an abundance of new women into your life.

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