I've been seeing my girl for about six months and am crazy in love with her. I could list eternally why she is amazing, excepting that there is one of my buttons she is not pushing for me.

I get all flustered for a really flat stomach. She is already a slim girl, so it isn't a health thing ... it is a lust thing. Something about where the body cuts in below the rib cage and elongates the stomach down to the hip. I see it and I get filed with lustful desire.

When I've had long-term partners in the past and they have had the neat tummy thing it has not been an issue seeing it on other girls because I have that shit waiting for me at home anyway.

She hasn't put on weight since we started dating and I had no idea this would become a problem for me.

She is absolutely everything I want.

To me this is really a small thing to ask. It would seem like nothing if my love were to ask me to adjust my build slightly, if it were to make me more attractive to her. I love being attractive to her.

I get that this is a different proposition for a lot of girls though and desperately don't want to give her any kind of complex about her appearance. She is stunning and doesn't need to worry about her looks at all.

I have to do something about it though. It upsets me, genuinely, that I haven't been able to get over it and that it could really cause problems for us as time goes on.

I don't want to have to not have something I desire so strongly, that she could give to me if only she knew, and it is available all over the place yet I can never have it again myself just because there is no good way to tell her how much I need it.

What to do?