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    Default English as a 2nd language in NYC!!! Am I hopeless?

    This is my 2nd night I have been out with new friends/PUAs in the city. We try to encourage eachother to approach women, and I believe we did a great job over the past 2 days..


    There is a big problem here. I came to USA (NYC) like 6-7 years ago..This is my last semester at college and no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to carry a great, smooth conversation with a girl. I have an accent and trying to pick up real Americans. I am trying my best and getting good feedbacks from PUAs about my body language. But, it is and will never be enough. I have opened around 15 sets in 2 days, but I believe I cannot make the transition from being friend, to attraction phase. After my opener, some negs, and games, I get frozen and do not know what to do.

    So, guys, (please encourage me here),

    Do you think I am hopeless in this game??

    What should I do to eliminate the language/accent barrier?

    Will I NEVER be a master PUA in NYC?

    I consider each of you as my best friend, because we all share the same feelings and we all understand each other. I appreciate your feedback and I wish you the best of luck in the field.

    HERE IS WHAT I DID SO FAR IN around 15 sets..

    - Approaching/opener : I have to go in a minute, but I need your opinions on smt I have been arguing with my friends. Should I break up with my girlfriend through email or by phone??

    girls in the group: By phone.

    Me: Why do you think so?

    girls: how long have you been together

    me: 2 months

    girls: you need to talk to her face/ or phone..why are you breaking up?

    me: She started using drugs, and became a totally different person, I cannot communicate with her anymore..


    Then, I thought this opener needs be changed and I used "a friend of mine will break up with girlfriend. Should he break up by phone or email?"

    Girls: Why is your friend being a pussy and do not talk to her in person. (I lowered my value when I opened the set with the first opener, maybe with this one too.)

    ME: She started using drugs and he said he cannot communicate with her

    Girls: wowwww

    ME: (to my target) You have an eyecrust right here (pointing that fake eyecrust, maybe touched, she got shy)

    Target: Thanks

    Me: Wowww, did you see that guy overthere

    Target: Which guy?

    Me: (Showing a random guy) He was checking you out, (she and I laughed..) I think he is perfect for you!!

    Target: Laughed.

    Me: Do you believe in ESP?

    Target: Yes

    Me: (played the game and got the both guessings wrong.) See, that is the proof that ESP does not work, any you believing in it?

    Target: Laughing

    Me: I think you have beautiful eyes

    Target: Ohhh, thanks

    Me: But, the left one is more beautiful than the right one

    Target: (Laughing and telling this to others)

    Me: (made a HUGE mistake) I think you look stunning in this dress..

    Target: Thanks

    Me: (Taking pics, touching her back, target is so relax)

    Me: Will you take my # ?

    Target: Yes, give me your # (target rings me and I N closed.)

    I did not text here after that, has been like 6 hours.

    Guys, please feedback me, this was my second day. I hardly get over the AA. It is so strong, but trying my best.

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    Default Re: English as a 2nd language in NYC!!! Am I hopeless?

    First off, I wouldn't at all worry about the accent. It usually just makes girls curious, be proud of it instead of tryig to get rid of it

    Second, you're making some strong approaches and using a lot of game, keep it up and you will naturally start to calibrate

    Ok now for critique - your opener doesn't convey the right idea. It gets girls thinking of negative things. Try using a different opinion opener, like... Is it a big commitment for a couple to get a dog together? Or something else you like

    In general, your teasing and little begs are great, even the - I like your eyes - is a good line

    But, you gave the girl 2-3 compliments in a pretty short time frame. That's a no go. You really don't want to start complimenting a girl until she's showing interest in you, or has otherwise done something to earn the compliment. If you give it when they haven earned it, it doesn't mean as much to them, it makes them think you're only talking to them because they're pretty, that's not what you want

    Next, your number close seemed kinda abrupt. If you're already taking pictures, try this photo close routine I started, it's a bit more natural

    Overall your game is fine. Keep making approaches and it will get much much easier. I think you need to relax a bit, be out there to have a good time and it won't seem like you're trying quite so hard.

    Keep up the good work and keep posting field reports
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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