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    Default Re: how do i keep her texting

    She says she misses you so she hasn't lost interest but there may just be less to talk about having not hooked up in real life properly yet. Why the 3 week wait? Have to arrange another date asap and arranging it when she misses you is a perfect opportunity. Personally I wouldn't freeze out a girl I haven't seen in 3 weeks anyway but I also wouldn't text non stop without seeing her in person. Ask her out and be persistent about it and keep being the guy who makes her smile in between. I often mms girls pics of what I'm up to as random interactions. The pic doesn't have to be of you but could be a place, a tasty meal your having at a restaurant, a pic of your new shoes whatever. I have become good at getting girls to send me pics of them too in the process so in between a date I at least get something nice to look at and often something sexy to look at This works especially well with girls who live a fair distance from you.

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    Default Re: how do i keep her texting

    If you have no other choice try to talk to her, texting has to be left as a last resort. You will created more comfort (emotional connection) with a girl when she can hear your voice, than just by master PUAs say "capture her brain and her body will follow". I have in fact..made girls believe that i am their soul being romantic, mysterious and philosophical over the phone. But almost try to push for live meetings, there so much you can do over than phone, beyond phone sex!

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