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Thread: Help for ex that seemed to be coming back

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    Default Help for ex that seemed to be coming back

    So, i broke up with my girlfriend of 4 months, 1 month ago. We had next to no communication until the last couple of weeks. We became friendly again, and she expressed a desire to get together last week. So, this past saturday I met her and her daughter at an amusement park. We had a really good time the 6 hours we were there. It was as though we had never been apart. Sunday I didn't communicate as i didn't want to seem needy or clingy. Monday i shoot her a text and the next thing you know we are sharing 3 nice texts with each other. I'm thinking great! Monday night i get home from work and I have an email from her. Again, im thinking great! NO WAY. Her email basically said that she was dating someone that she really likes and they get along great and she's very happy. Also, she would appreciate if I stopped texting and emailing because the new boyfriend wouldn't like it and she doesn't want to cause friction between them.

    How is this possible? How can she spend a saturday with me and start texting me on a monday, then later that evening want no contact? Really? If things are so great with this new guy (if there is one), then why spend time with me and contact with me? I dont' get it.

    I can add that she was in a bad marriage that ended 5 years ago. She told me that she had gone out with nice guys after that, but was afraid to get close to anyone. What's going on with her and what do I do? I do want to get back with her, even though many might question the logic in that.

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    Default Re: Help for ex that seemed to be coming back

    Shut her down and move on. She essentially used you to help her with her child at the amusement park. You became rent a father for the day. She didn't ask you over for a candlelit dinner with the kid away did she. 'Expressing a desire' does not seem to be a 100% conviction of exactly what she wants. Probably insecure, probably confused about her new boyfriend until it became more committed so she recklessly spun you into her pipeline. Bail out and surf another break my friend.

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