First post here and I come in need of some advice. Lately I've started trying to talk with every person I can and it's been going very well.

So I met a very interesting girl a few days ago. Had a blast that afternoon, and did a bunch of different activities after which I went to her place. We slept together. I tried to sex it up but she resisted and I decided not to persist. Believe it or not I actually was more interested in her personality than having sex with her - the only reason I tried is that I couldn't read whether she wanted it or not. I didn't want her to talk with her friends about me as the guy who "fell right asleep when I gave him an obvious in". Still unsure if she did or didn't want it and I buggered it up. So I cuddled instead. Possibly shouldn't have, though. I'm a cuddly guy and know I need to tone it down especially in the beginning. So next morning she expressed interest in doing things with me in the near future. I was pleasantly surprised that she suggested quite a few activities. I didn't make any plans beyond that I would call her and arrange things (possibly seeming a bit dis-interested or reluctant to make plans - not sure if okay or not). In particular, she hinted that I should meet up with her later the same day - which I didn't know if I could as I had plans - and I told her that. Anyway, later that day, I got some free time and texted her. No reply. A little while later, I called. No answer. So in my opinnion this is turning out to be a case of buyer's remorse (or I am over-analysing) and she suggested meeting up again just to make herself feel better.

With any of the other girls I'd met recently I wouldn't care, but she ticked off a lot of boxes so with her I do. Would like to give it a shot at making things work - if anything for educational purposes. Any opinnions? I am planning on texting tomorrow (3 days after last call+text). Opinions on waiting more/less. If you guys think this is a lost cause explain why, and from the details I gave feel free to point out what I should have done differently. I want to understand what could be improved upon so that next time I meet someone like that I don't make the same mistakes.

Btw, it feels so f...in weird to post this stuff on a forum.