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    Default Feedback on Email follow up to in person meeting

    Two weeks ago I went to a church festival organized by a buddy of mine, good food no expectations. Well there was this blonde chick which happened to be single and my friend introduced us. We chat a bit, however she could not hang out since she was working the festival. I then asked my friend to ask her if I can get her email which 10 days later he got for me.

    So I thought, ok met the woman in person, chat a bit, she volunteered her email so I can contact her again and set up a very laid back meet up. So I went and wrote the email below.

    Hi XXX,

    Nice meeting you at the festival. I had a great time, although I went through some baklava withdrawl after that (joined a support group). In any case, I enjoyed our brief conversation, thought you have a great energy and wanted to meet you again so asked YYYY for your email.

    Maybe we can meet for coffee, Sat or Sun afternoon is open for me how does it work for you?


    HER Answer

    Hi ME!
    Things are pretty nuts so I won't be able to meet for coffee but I really appreciate the invite. Thanks for thinking of me. (I am juggling alot right now)

    I would like to invite you to participate in our Church's dance group if you would like to dance Macedonian with us. I am putting together an adult dance group to start in early fall. Let me know.


    My question is did I went for the close up (meet up) too fast should have exchanged a couple emails or ok woman is busy and it is what it is.

    what do you suggest I answer to her email. I was planning to thank her and say that unfortunately I am overcommitted and don't have space in my schedule for additional activities (which is true). Thanks for the invite... blah blah

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!!


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    Default Re: Feedback on Email follow up to in person meeting

    You could have went to her booth at the festival and get her info. Compelled with your email sounding like how a lot of males goes about setting up a date, kind of makes it tough. There is a lot of good info if you google about email/text/dating website messaging that can give you a basis of being more cocky and standing out.

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