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Lol I know it's difficult to think of mediocre sex with her. Its an exercise I tried a couple of times. Seems to help a bit.

I'm a firm believer in thinking about what you want and not what you don't want. If I told you to DON'T think about ELEPHANTS! ........very likely that you just did. If you worry so much about screwing up, then you aren't thinking about being the amazing guy you know she will find attractive. Also it helps to not beat yourself up too much in case you feel like you did screw up. But it doesn't matter if you screw up. What matters is how you handle it. If you worry about losing her if you screw up, then when you do you will likely do AFC behavior to try and "get back on track." So ultimately I'm saying.......relax.

this is perfect advice.. trust him, hes one of the best in here
i have practically same "problem" but its worse than yours, but i don't think about it that way bro, be positive..
first of all don't call it problem.. but a challenge, secondly you need to change the mindset of her being the prize, but you are the prize.. if you act like she's the prize, most probably you will end up like all the guys chasing her (afc mode ON), and she surely doesn't want that..

act normal around her, when you enter clubs and sh1t be the alpha male, build social proof, dhv etc and if she's there (in the club), she MIGHT give you obvious IOI's and than its your turn to use ALL the things you're learning now from forums, books etc on her.. if she rejects you, don't make a big deal off it..
WAY TOO MUCH GIRLS in the World..

you say its gonna be awkward to be around her since you see her every 2 weeks.. BULLSH!t..

the first girl i approached, was in my classroom, and i approached on FaceBook.. she rejected me.. its awakward the first week since i see her every day, but then it wears off and its cool again, even better because if you think you saw her doing some IOI's you know they are false and dont think about them now

last advice : you say you see other hb10's, and when you compare them to this girl, she's like a 12/10.. fine.. compare this girls with a hot celebrity.. megan fox? scarlett johansson or any other which you would describe as perfect, and automatically, her rating will get lower to a standard, in which you are not scared to approach

remember : if you won't ever approach her, its 100% rejection..but if you approach, you still are at 50% rejection before she says 'yes', 'no'.. OKAY she won't say that but you'll know if shes interested or not :P