One thing I love the most with the Game is how you start seeing more and more clearly interactions around you, and noticing how most people don't actually have good game

So I have this group I'm hanging out with, and I'm starting to win the girls. But they already have a really well defined alpha male, like it's more than obvious. I'm still trying to figure how to out-alpha him (see other thread), but got surprised last week-end when he actually AMOG'd me out of the blue

Like the group was hanging and chatting, when out of the blue he said:
"Hey Mika, I never noticed how your beard is ugly haha, even worse than mine! "
Forget about subtle, indirect, here comes textbook AMOGing Anyway, I laughed it off, and actually felt good he felt the need to AMOG me, and saw me as a threat.

I'm now kind of the same level as him, but I was wondering: how do you react when you get AMOG'd in a caveman way like that? It's the first time it happened to me, so I have no idea how to deal with it, any advice is welcome