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    Default Help with HB9 - fell into my arms literally!

    Ok so think this needs expert opinion!

    To give some background, was out for a friend's birthday. Good evening, met a few HB7s (#-closed) but nothing special.

    Finally went to a club and saw this HB9 at the bar. Started talking to her while my friend was ordering drinks. Went separate ways afterward as thought I would see her again.

    Then later on the most random thing happened...I was walking back towards the bar past her and some other girls. She suddenly slipped on the floor in her heels and by sheer luck I was walking past at exactly that moment and reached out instinctively and caught her! Complete chance but unbelievable timing! Should point out she seemed almost completely sober.

    From there she was all over me, kissing, loads of kino etc. Nearly all her friends then left, but she wanted to stay. Spent the next hour or so kissing and dancing with her. Didn't escalate really, just enjoyed the moment. To cut a long story short, something important meant I had to leave so I said goodbye and left the club.

    When I got home, then realised I didn't have her number and didn't get her surname! Googled her first name the next day and knowing what job she did, found what I think is her on twitter and facebook (various reasons i don't do either - mainly around my job).

    Should also point out that she may have a bf (only think this because one of her friends at one point said to her she shouldn't be kissing me - but she completely ignored them!)

    Advice on where to go from here?

    Was thinking about setting up a twitter page/fb profile and messaging her? Not 100% sure it is her but think it is (picture is bad). Don't want to come across stalkerish, but like the idea of a challenge! Not sure what to send though as this is pretty unusual situation for me!
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