Hi all,

Met this girl over a week ago through a friend of mine at someone's birthday celebration/night out. We got on really well etc, I could tell she liked me and I quite liked her too. We were talking for large parts of the night and there was plenty of kino from me to which she was entirely comfortable with. A bit later during the night, I was quite proud of myself in that I actually went for it (something I don't usually do) and went into kiss her. I could see she was hesitant at the time so as I had my hand around her head/neck, I pulled her in to kiss her on the cheek instead of the lips, to which she then smiled. Therefore, she clearly knows what my intentions are and that I'm interested.

Later at the end of the night, apparently she had been asking our mutual friend about me (this is referred to in our facebook messages).

I added her on facebook the next day (as we had both been tagged in a post) and then a couple of days ago sent her a message. Since then we've exchanged 6 fairly detailed messages with good banter. However, earlier on in the interaction when I said to her that she should give me her number, she replied "I'm not allowed to give my number to strangers. Sarah (our mutual friend) says ur strange." I teased her about that and we continued exchanging messages.
Then in the last message that I sent to her (see below), I decided to try and move things forwards again and suggest we meet up sometime. You can see my message below followed by her reply.

Everyone telling u how great ur? U sure u not taking about me?

For moi I'm sure ur charm could stretch much more Yes, I have exceedingly high standards. Am I not demonstrating these high standards by talking to u tut tut?

I work here ....... do u work here in the City.....? (not giving locations lol)

A beautiful silence lol? But yeah ur actually right, I think there's gotta be that spark there which is a combination of both looks and personality.

Now I reckon ur telling porkies, they haven't told u any stories. Though if they did, they're all true!

Are u spontaneous, we should meet up soon...

She then replied tonight with this:
I have no charm to stretch my friend

Haha touché! Mine must have lowered then lol

Yep I'm in........not far from where you work!

Of course I'm right,I'm always right!

So the story where u beat up that poor old lady cos she asked you to move out the way is true? Hang your head in shame!!

Moi? Spontaneous? Not really,I usually plan things far in advance lol...I should be more so but if I don't plan then nothing gets done!
Maybe once you guys are all back from Portugal we can organise a night out again,you looking forward to some time in the sun with the lovely sisters? (I'm going on holiday with 2 sisters who are our mutual friends and the ones that introduced me to this girl in the first place)

It seems like she definitely wants to continue the banter but is reluctant to move things forwards.

What should I do? I was going to suggest to her that we should go for a drink after work this week but now I'm thinking I should probably just show less interest now, take longer to reply and wait till we all meet up after my holiday next week?

Or is her reply better than I think it is?