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    Default Facebook friend from junior high school game

    A Few months ago,before i discovered the community i decided to try and hit on a couple of the women that i used to go to school with, through Facebook. Either this was a bad idea or i just sucked because although i got a few responses nobody would give me their number none the less meet up with me. For some odd reason this hb8 i went to jr high school with randomly sent me her number last night but i asked her for her number Months ago. Im not sure how to handle this without coming off as needy and i just want to know what my next step should be.

    Also if you guys have any advice for talking to women that you once used to go to school with , let me know. Or is it to late and best to just avoid them?

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    Default Re: Facebook friend from junior high school game

    I've actually discovered it's easier to talk to girls I went to school with since we graduated.

    I tested some of my new-found knowledge while I was chatting with some of them on FB, & it worked like a charm! (Including old girlfriends, AND girls I didn't really know that well in school.)

    The thing that worked the best was, razzing & teasing; Just giving them a hard time in a playful way.
    Things like: "Oh, you suck! " or "Shut up, brat! " or "Geez! Are you ever NOT on Facebook? heehee!"

    Or when they post vacation pictures at the beach: "Ohhh that's it! I hope you get knocked over by a big wave, get water up your nose & you lose your top!! That'll teach you to brag about being at the beach while I have to be at work!!" (I actually posted that exact message to a girl "friend" last week.)

    She wrote back & said: "You're sooo mean! I hope you have to work overtime! "

    Basically just be "fun". That's all there is to it.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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