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    Default Do girls call guys too?

    Hi there! As you might have seen in my other post, I am a waiter and I have recently lost AA. I don't have a problem breaking the 3 second rule. I am not ashamed to go there and approach women, but since I lack experience I have to think what I'm going to say in advance because:

    1. They are customers and if they get mad at me they might not come back (Boss might kill me).

    2. I can't talk so much time. After all, I'm working.

    Because of point 2, I have to be really direct and I kind of go for two goals. To know where they are going or, if she is with her family or MALE friends, to give MY phone number.

    Example from tonight:
    8SET (3 girls).

    When I bring them their drinks...
    HB 8: Hey what's your name?
    Me: Alex
    HB 8: You are the kindest waiter here.
    Me: I know.
    HB 8: Could you bring me an ash tray?
    Me: Shall I bring you my phone number too?
    HB 8: Yes!

    Shall I continue to give my number or just ask where are they going out to? The thing is I live in a small town so it's quite obvious where they are going to be.

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    Default Re: Do girls call too?

    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. If you're are asking if it is okay to expect a woman to call you, it's not. Men have been and always will be the initiators. That's evolutionary sexual psych. If you expect them to lead you're going to have a ridiculously low success rate.

    Also, you seem to be treating this like a cold approach, which isn't going to be ideal in a small town. So I would suggest asking them where they are going over handing out your number. In this way you can be the chooser and leader.
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