While on my way to work 2 days ago I got a random phone call at 10am from a chick who thought my number was her cousin's. It turned out that her cousin is a good buddy of mine. After that quick awkward phone call, I texted her asking if so and so was her cousin and we ended up texting eachother dr the next 30min while she was boarding her plane to come to the country I currently reside in. In short, she ended up telling me to give her english lessons after she arrives. I take that as more of a joke, considering her english is very good, but it is an IOI and an opener to persue more conversation when she arrives.

The next day I ended up calling her by mistake at 9pm, and the conversation between us just flowed. We were connecting and flirting a lot. As a side note, I have a gf already, and I told this chick that which pretty much made her like me even more. She kept on asking if I had a twin brother, in a flirty way. We ended up chatting for 3 hours, until it was midnight. She ended the conversation though, saying that she had to walk her dog for 10min and go to sleep for work, to which I said i didn't even realize what time it was and I had to sleep for work the next day as well. We also talked about the little things that we thought that mattered in a relationship, such as writig a small note and putting it in your significant other's pocket before work and so on, as well as choosing a song to express something you like about the other person (mine).

The next day (yesterday) I texted her with a song to listen to. She replied saying she'll listen to it later.

I have not texted or called her back since.

My question is, how long should I wait before I contact her again? Or should I just wait for her to reply?

Also keep in mind that we have not met each other, nor do either one of us know what the other looks like. I'm confident in my own looks, and I doubt that she is above an hb8.

Also keep in mind the cultural barrier of living in an Arab nation like Kuwait. Where it's taboo to go out with a girl unless she is related to you or a family friend.

What would be, in your opinions, the best way to handle this situation? I'm having trouble with my gf and have been wanting to break up with her for a while anyway, however with the current situation she is in, she being out of the country, and her father getting bypass surgery, I dont want to bring her down anymore. But I see no reason as to why I can't be friends with the new chick until I break it off with my current gf.

Thanks in advance!