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    Default Slept With Best Friend (been friends for 10 years)

    This past weekend, me and one of my best all time girlfriends went out together for long overdue catch up drinks! We have been best friends for the better part of a decade, getting each other through relationships, life problems, etc. We got hammered, got back to her place, and for the first time-slept together! I don't necessarily regret it, and honestly I have thought about this and wanted to be with her forever-its just NOT how I wanted this to happen! Any words of wisdom from the pioneers as to what to do now and how to move forward from what happened??

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    Default Re: Slept With Best Friend

    I actually have had a very simliar situation. Friends for over ten years before we slept together. Except we weren't drunk and I didn't want a relationship with her. Actually ended the friendship after that.

    Honestly I think you need a sit down with her and figure out what you are going to do. One thing you have to do is accept you can now ever go back to the way it was. So either try your best to pretend nothing happened or move forward into a dating relationship which can hopefully turn into an exclusive one if that's what you want. Just understand that if she doesn't reciprcate now it may just be her trying to wrap her head around the situation so just give her space to figure it out. Hope it works out for ya. Tough pill to swallow, I know.

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