allo! First time poster, long time sarger

I'm gonna try to keep this as short as possible:

Few weeks ago, I meet a lady (HBTall) through some mutual friends. she seems impressed with my job, we hit it off, m/o and number exchange.

Following night, I meet up with her. She's kind enough to bring me home afterwards. We do our business. all is well!

The following thursday (last thursday) I bring her to an NFL preseason game. Great date! Afterwards we meet up with friends at a bar. We go back to my house and do our business (twice!)

FF to last night, a friend of ours is moving away and I invite her out with mutual friends. However, HBTall is lukewarm at best. I had trouble holding her attention. She seemed more interested in a friend's BF (short, skinny, tatted, talks 'hood') and seemed to hang on his every word (although later he was geeking out and she rolled her eyes in disgust). I actually hit it off to her sister more than her. HBTall def making me work for it.

I tried escalating with kino and was def AMOGing. At times, she would sit with her back turned to me. (i know!)

We've had dinner plans for tomorrow night. Any suggestions as to how I can take her temperature/keep her interested? I plan on asking some open-ended questions and childhood stuff to get beneath the surface.

I think the 1v1 setting will help, and I think that I need to build more rapport. Hard to say. we have a small age disparity (21, Im approaching 25) but has already said she likes older guys. and I def don't think it's a maturity thing she might as well be more mature than me