Hey guys, I'm quite new here, but have been lurking a while and practicing hard. I started talking to a HB8 from work about a month ago, and we ended up hooking up after a party, and started hooking up and I F-closed over a period of about a week. I was starting to have feelings for her, but i had to leave for 2 weeks to go to Europe. It was implied that we would continue or little thing once i was back, but once i returned she was kind of weird on me. She flaked on me 3 times over the first week, wouldn't really flirt much, clearly had lost interest. Then I find out she is hooking up with someone else at work.

I've tried to get past it, going out and hooking up with other girls, but i really want to try again with this girl, I don't know why but I don't want to forget her right now, maybe i just want to have sex with her again to feel good about what happened, I don't know. Anyway I've kind of been freezing her out, not going over to talk to her at work, being short on words etc, seeming busy. Shes texted me a few times asking whats up with the cold shoulder and i kind of just brush it off and ignore it.

Would i be better off just being friendly to her, because i don't know if this is really working, I'm thinking i may have to start over and rebuild attraction, I could really use some help with this, I go back to college in 2 weeks but I'm making it a personal goal to myself to prove my ability, to get back in this girls pants before I leave, any help greatly appreciated