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    Default Freezing out a girl, not sure where to go

    I've posted previously about said girl. I live with her. She is my roommate's sister, who also lives with us. I know she is into me because she wants to know the hours I work, where I have been and am. I have gone on 2 'dates' with her, though they were not called such. One was to walk our dogs together, another was at a fair. At the fair, she didn't want the night to end. I regrettably did not kiss close. Simply because I receive mixed signals and did not recognize the dates as dates, if that makes sense. She made the time we spent together sound as if two friends at an outing, though we wound up spending alone time together when all was said and done. At the fair, I met up with her and another couple that were friends of hers. They quickly dispersed, leaving us two alone. I spent a good amount of the day with her and drove her back to her car. When we arrived home, she made it before I did and waited for me before going inside. In retrospect, I believe it was to wait for a kiss.

    Anyways, although I didn't close we made kino on each other that night, frequently. A few days later she just started ignoring me, and going out with her female friends. I asked her out and she declined. She seems the boss type, wherein it is OK to do what she wants to do, but if I ask her out, it is suddenly not. I was mad and froze her out, I am still. It has been about a week. I've been giving the impression I've been with other girls or otherwise engaged. The thing is; she is LTR material. From talking to her bro (my roomie) he says she is the leader in the relationships with her ex's). I'm wondering where to go from here. If she is even worth my time or if I should move on. Any advice (despite if I want to hear it or not) is welcome. I apologize for the long-ish post. If you need more detail, just ask.

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    Default Re: Freezing out a girl, not sure where to go

    hmm, you might have gotten mixed signals from her and so you didn't kiss close.. but its the same for her.. since you didn't kiss her, she might believe you are not really interested and are only playing along or something like that..

    usually the only way to make her chase you.. is to ignore her, don't send her any messages to meet up for now.. or else you might sound needy..
    by doing so will either result in her wanting you more, or ignoring you aswell and ruining little by little the current 'friendship'

    she is even worth my time or if I should move on.
    we can't answer that for you.. most PUA's will tell you, its wasting your time because they don't want LTR's but only f closing different girls.. others who want LTR's will tell you it might be worth it..

    so its only your opinion on that..

    he says she is the leader in the relationships with her ex
    hmm.. usually leadership is the role of the male, but if you can live with that its your choice haha..
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