Hey this is my first post on the forum, but I've been reading it for some time. I thought I'd reach out. I'm 28 live in the states

There is this girl that I met online a long time ago ( about a year) we had made plans to hang out but we both go buy but had added each on fb. So I decided to message her a couple months ago and long story short and some back and forth we decided to meet. Normally it was me doing the initiating but she seemed receptive. We got some dinner and she seemed pretty into me smiling, laughing , some light kino, and kissed her on the cheek. Texted me immediately right away how great time she had. I would initiate a text ever couple days, except one time where she did and we made plans to meet at a show. 2nd date that week went great. She told me during dinner that in her culture (she is european) it takes a little while to progress kissing, sex all that.

Now I know the whole mentality of pua is to kiss close right way, and I know I'm sounding cliche when I say this girl is pretty special cool...but it's true. That and I've been kiss and f-closing on lots of other girls in the last couple months to the point where I can't keep track. Getting to actually know someone a little more seemed ok. I did try to kiss but she said it was too soon and we did hold hands ( haha I feel like I'm back in high school writing this). She texted right away saying she had a good time. I would initiate ever couple days. She told me she had to work everyday this week ( which I know is true she works like 3 jobs goes to school) and she seemed receptive about lunch. Decided to call instead of text and left a short confident vm. She texted me later when she got off work asked me about work and we had a little exchange. I asked her about hanging out again which is the vm I had left. She joked back to my exchange and said she is busy nowadays and was feeling a little sick. I don't her not to stress and contact me when she is free. This was 4 days and and I haven't responded back or has she.

No I do want to get a couple things clear. I'm obviously writing this because I'm analyzing it, and I do appreciate all your advice guys. But...I haven't been stuck in a corner starting at her fb picture all day. I go out talk to other girls had a causal hookup with another girl, posted stuff on my fb naturally and other girls responded. It isn't a case of one-itis because I do talk to other girls, I just would prefer to continue with this one. So my question is what should I do. I don't want to freeze out for so long where she forgets the initial rapport we have. She probably is actually busy, and I am too. I figured I texted too much ( even though it was short messages every couple of days), and maybe she changed her mind was because she was just tired that day after getting out of work at 1130. Do I reinitiate at some point or wait for her? She is the type where in her culture the guy does most of the chasing . I'm pretty good at reading girls so the attraction was there so I'd hate to mess up a good chance just because I ignored her for too long.

Any thoughts advice? Thanks a lot