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Thread: IOIs?

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    Default IOIs?

    Hey all,

    Trying to determine IOI level here.

    I work with this woman. We are on the same team. We both had to go out to SF for training. In any event, she is always friendly with me on the phone for business matters. There is always what I hear as excitement when she says "Hi" to me.

    So, I decide that since I am in early afternoon Sunday, I would see if she wants to sight see. So, I call her and we chat. She ends up dropping the work she claimed she had to do. When I show up to meet her, she hugs me which I don't expect. She has a convertible which we take. She tells me I am going to burn and says the only sunscreen she has is for lips. She hands it to me. I ask her a couple times to re-use and it's no problem. We end up going all over and I tell her we need to get her back and of course I give her a hug at the end.

    All solid stuff.

    I get the sense that she is lonely since she works and travels. I also get the sense that her and a former team mate may be together as they spend time together unless he is too lame but I haven't sized that up.

    I suggested going out for beers sometime and she said Sure. This would definitely present an opportunity.

    My questions:

    What levels of IOIs is she giving off? (seems solid at least)
    How can I cross the line without being a creepy teammate?
    Should I leave it alone and let her and I just enjoy the attraction?

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    Default Re: IOIs?

    You should start by deciding your intent. What would you ideally like from this interaction? From there you can determine the necessary steps.


    She IS displaying interest.
    This other guy is a third party of little importance.
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