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    Default All seems lost with girl help needed!

    So i met this girl through a mutual friend wile she was working in a bar and that nite we ended up going out for a few drinks with my friend and another woman, sorta double date. Got her number and lot of texting and facebooking ensued which seemed to go well and this led to a few initial meet ups.

    Everything seemed to be going well until one crazy weekend, which to cut a long story short involved her ex boyfriend (she finished a few months earlier and said it was def 100% over) of 5 years attacking me in a pub and a fight ensuing an also her finding out about me kissing abother girl. I managed to persuade her to give me another chance and we started to get things back on track. However about a month later at a house party I ended up with another girl and once again she found out. It was a really bad mistake on my behalf and really regret it but this time she wasn't prepared to continue. And she said maybe we were better off being friends.

    A week later her ex boyfriend once again started a fight with me in a local nightclub because he thought I was still with her. Sporadic contact continued and she said she would just go with the flow and wouldn't rule out going out with me again. Then wile I was on holidays she basically cut off contact with me when she deleted me on skype and pretty sure my number as well. Without explianation.

    Then all hell breaks loose. A couple of my friends see the ex boyfriend on a nite out and beat him up. She says she doesnt blame me for what happened but my friends. She then deletes me and all of my friends from Facebook and twitter etc. Everything.

    Nothing happens for wile but then I contacted her when I was drunk a few times and she says she took a head stagger deleting me on fb. She says she will add me back sometime so being drunk I add her again. She doesn't accept for a few days so I decide I cancel request .. N that evening she accepts.

    This takes us up to the present really where we've been talking a bit on fb chat but nothing really progressing. I told her I missed her and that I was falling for her but she says she doesnt want to be tied down after a 5 yr relationship shes only 22. Also she found out that I had been sorta seeing another girl who she knows and I'm not sure how she feels bout that. Then at weekend I seen her out at night club and we talked. However after I went home I sent her a number of drunken text messages telling her how much I missed her and that I basically loved her to which she didn't reply.

    Basically I'm looking advice on this situation and what my next move should be! Sorry this is a bit long and rambling it my first post!
    Very messy situation is there anything I can do cos I really really like this girl!

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    Default Re: All seems lost with girl help needed!

    Personally that would be WAAAAAY too much drama for me, and I'd let it go & move on.
    But if you want to patch things up, there might be a chance.

    However; you have to get yourself together. Period. If she's that special, to where you find yourself wanting her to be "the one", you need to stay in control & be responsible for your actions.

    Meaning, you can't "make a mistake" just because you were drunk, & end up with another girl.

    I'd recommend dedicating a couple months of solid self-improvement & become the best man you can be.
    THEN, you'll be better equipped for a more meaningful relationship.

    But not only that, she'll also see you as "a man" and not just "some guy", & she'll invest a whole lot more into you.

    Good luck! It'll take some effort, but it's not impossible.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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