Hi all,

I'm 22 years old and I used to be really bad with girls but now I'm not complaining, I can easily interact and built sexual tension but now I'm having another problem.

I'm now on Erasmus to Spain cause I just love Spanish girls so much . Im staying with a friend I know and I met this female friend of his and she is pretty amazing. We spend the night together on the second day but the thing with Spanish girls is that they are really fast with these things without meaning much. We really got along good, we talked a lot and everything but the next day with I met her again with friends, she was like a bit distant and we didnt kiss or anything but we also werent alone for any moment. She was really friendly and all but I dont know if she has interest in anything more.

She is graduated and working so I think she could be looking for something serious but its really hard to get to that point. At one side I want to act like really close to her and just kiss her but at other side I dont want to scare her with being to fast and acting like her boyfriend. Im pretty sure she really liked me and was impressed with my skills with girls and my natural attitude and caressing her.

I also am pretty sure that if we all go out again, we will kiss again and would sleep again if she doesnt has to work and has the time.

But I really can use some advice on this one because I dont know what to do next. Offcourse just meeting and see what happens but she has to work a lot so I should like talk to her but like in a carefull way to see what she wants but I dont want to scare her in anyway so could somebody give me some advice on this topic?