Alright guys so Im in the gym at night mainly and there is this one girl who is pretty good looking and bangable Wednesday I asked when she was done with and was taking a break the usual:

Me:"whats up"

Her: nothing much

Me:"What you up too later tonight or tommorow"

Her: nothing really , no plans

Me: "have you ever had frozen yogurt?"

Her: "yea"

Me: wanna go to [insert your favorite frozen yogurt shop like "Yobe" or "Mochi" ]

(side note she is not a fitness enthusiast she use to be 'heavy' so she gave this response):

Her: "nahh im on a diet cant, also i just came back from a trip dont feel like going out "

cutting it short I didnt not change my facial expression or mood and continued in "alpha" like it didnt affect me question is can something be attempted again or near future or look elsewhere

thanks PUA forum