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    Default So, a few girls- Looking for some advice. An ex, and a few prospects.

    Well, first off-

    Emailed my ex a few days ago. Story behind her becoming my ex- She invited a chick friend of mine to move in with us(Whom, oddly enough, told me that she was inviting her to live with us because she wanted me to move out) Stuff got rocky, she moved to her sisters, annnnnd I ended up sleeping with the roommate. Told her at Thanksgiving, annnnnnnd within a few weeks we broke up. Stayed single for a month, playing around with a few girls, and then started dating the roommate I'd cheated on my ex with. Was with her for just shy of two years, engaged, etc. Actually only broke it off like a month ago. So, now I've been playing around with a few women, again- but having just emailed her,
    she texts me, and wants to call me a lot. She says that what happened is in the past and she doesn't hold it against me anymore, but she'd like to punch my, now, newer ex, lol. She has a new boyfriend, and last night- I was pretty tanked, so she kept trying to invite me to the bar she works at. Didn't ever get there, but- my intentions have been made entirely clear. I, at the least, want to sleep with her. You'd think if she wasn't into it- Texts/calls/invites to get drunk with her would stop, right? Nope. She continued to try and get me to leave the two topless girls who were my company at the party, and had stolen my keys so I couldn't drive in the state I was.

    So- with this chick, what'd be the best way to play it? (This girl was originally one of the 'I'd never sleep with you' kinda girls, when not a week later she was making me breakfast after a night out.)I've always been Cocky/Funny with her, but I don't know how to get across the boyfriend problem, and even when I do- Is there even a way to get past how I cheated on her?(And subsequently got involved with my partner in cheating)

    Second chick-
    Met her on the street, chatted her up a bit- She gave me her number without me even asking. She texts me daily, tries to call me(I don't like phone calls, so I usually ignore them.) Pretty much, we've got some rapport going. I just have no idea how to get past the flirting with this chick. She seems disinterested in a few of our conversations, yet continues to come back and flirt. Any idea how to close this one?

    Third chick- She's tried to booty call me a few times, but I'm always at work, and by the time I get off, she's sober and asleep. She's seriously had a thing for me since high school(we're 21 now) but it never went anywhere since I've always been known as a player. Call me a sleez or whatever, but I really wanna get this one done and over with before I get into another relationship. Sober, she's either too shy or has too many inhibitions to even involve herself with someone that's got my kind of reputation. Drunk though, I'm the first person she texts. And lately, it's been every time she gets drunk(I work graveyard shift on my weekends, so it's literally killing me.) But, that tells me that she's attracted to me. How do I get her to either ignore my reputation, or get her out of her freaking shell enough to get this done?

    Fourth one- Pretty sure there's no hope, but I friend zoned myself with a girl I've known six or seven years. We've fooled around and stuff, but never quite went all the way. I know she's attracted to me, cause she broke up with her guy the moment she found out I was single, and because she consistently tells me she's attracted to me. I drunk messaged her on FB recently and told her I have feelings that go beyond friendship for her, but it's been a few days and no reply(I'm not even sure she's logged on)

    That's all. Figured I'd lump em in one thread just to save time, and maybe get replies for a few of em at once.

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: So, a few girls- Looking for some advice. An ex, and a few prospects.

    Girl 1: Since you at one point had something serious with this girl (I mean, you must have if you were living together...) Getting ex-sex should not be all that difficult since so much time has passed since you stomped on her heart with your stiletto heels... Sure you betrayed her pretty hard, but that gives you all the more control in this situation. It seems like she is the one coming back to you, trying to get YOUR attention. Ask her to meet you for some drinks one night. Get a little buzzed.. magic will ensue.

    Girl 2: Casually joke about how needy she is with her incessant phone calls/texts.. tell her if she wants your attention, she should just ask you out already.

    Girl 3: Judging by your description of her... you should probably counteract her player-like image of you with a little bit of cliche romance b.s. Tell her you've always wanted to take her out on a date... She will be intrigued by the fact that she thinks you're a player but you're being so traditional with her. She will probably oblige.

    Girl 4: Sounds like too much drama and frustration, you may have a chance... maybe not. Doesn't seem like you're short of options though. Put her on the bottom of your priority list.

    This is my first post here, hope it helps.

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