I'm interested in this HB and I think for me to have a chance with her I need to be in her group of friends, at least enough to the point where all of her friends like me.

I can usually befriend women easily just by being my normal self; however, a majority of her friends happen to be super AFC men. This girl is in my physics class and her and one of her GFs and ~3 guys go in a study group and I am going to join them on the next one. I know her GF decently well enough to be considered a distant friend, but the men of the group I am basically ice cold with.

Are there any ways to get these people to accept me in the group while at the same time establishing myself as the leader of the group? (for dhv purposes) I feel like if I just try to straight AMOG them, 1. I will be not in the social circle which is my main goal because they wont like me and 2. There will be a ton of awkward friction because I am an outsider trying to assume a dominant role.

Any suggestions?