Hi guys

sorry I am new to PUA forums, a friend told me about it so i thought I'd join up!
Basically the background to my issue is this:
There is a girl that I have met a few times loosely through friends who works at a cafe near me, recently I got her number. I texted her that day just so she had mine, kept it pretty brief and she replied. A few days later (after the weekend) i texted again to start building some rapport, I left a bit of time between messages to seem not to eager and let her message be the last one, also built up some good talking points and some good banter/jokes were flowing, It was only ever kept to 3-4 texts each, and fairly brief to the point texts.
A few days later with no contact I asked her her about her weekend and then later suggested we get a drink this week together and "what was her schedule like" She replied "yeah, i have work monday and need to swap some shifts around and will let you know" I left it at that and in the morning just said "how are you for thursday?" to which she replied "Sorry im working but maybe ill see you there if your around"

Does this sound like she is politely rejecting me? or actually is busy but could still be intrested?
Any thoughts on how to move to the next step or should i be popping by her work next time she is on?
If i am to continue how do i start up the next string of msgs after not getting the date?

Thanks in advance for the replies guys - and apologies to anyone as this is my first post