I went to a night club with Jesus and the Wolf Saturday, and approached the first attractive set on my right with the humiliation opinion opener. Got a few of them interested in it but failed to reach the Hook point.
I then approached a seated two set and asked them where the atm was. When they told me I replied "I'm bad with directions, Ill get lost, you guys will have to show me." I then took there hands and gently pulled them up. They were laughing and whatnot and I gave them both an arm to hold onto, Mystery style! I felt like I became part of their group until I ran out of things to say. I ejected on a low note.
I approached many other sets and failed to reach the Hook Point in most of them. I also forgot to use false time constraints a lot, but found when I did that things went much better. I also had trouble transitioning from the opener topic, and feel like I stretched out getting their opinions a little to much. Also I found it difficult to keep the whole group involved.
I approached a two set and was part way into the routine when a small 8.5 seemed to be coming to join the group (as it turns out she was not friends with them, she was just walking somewhere). I had gotten blown out due to returning friends earlier that night, so I quickly turned all my focus on her, giving her specific compliments on her look in a high energy fashion. I then said she looked too high maintenance, and it would never work out between us.
"I'm not high maintenance at all!" she said. I had been touching her as I talked and she seemed to be enjoying it so I leaned back against a post, complimented her on something again and said "too bad I'm gay or you'd be so my type."
"You're Gay!?" she sounded kinda disappointed: it was hilarious!
"No my brother's the gay one. I'm straight. Straight, straight straight"
She then said something about how if you wanted to dance with a girl you should go up to her on the dance floor and run your hand up her thigh (I cant remember if i asked or if she just spontaneously volunteered this terrible advice). I said we should go try it out, and took her to the dance floor. Boys she danced like a nymphomaniac, it was amazing. I knew I could turn her around and kiss her, but I was just enjoying the grinding too much. Unfortunately once she had got me hard she left for some other dude, what a tease.. in retrospect maybe i should have tried to grab her back, but my plan was to find another girl and make her jealous. I was not able to do that. My state had taken a hit.
Later, after nearly leaving several times (I only ending up staying because Wolf shouted at me..) I approached a seated group with him and the 7.5 seemed instantly drawn to me, even more so after I correctly guessed her profession. I got her number, she seemed put off a bit when I told her I had a lot of girls with her name in my phone. This wasn't meant to be a neg or anything, just came out cause it was true. I told her the other ones were relatives, then took her to the dance floor, her friends followed. When the dancing started getting dirty I decided to get her to Isolation instead of just enjoying it. I didn't want to risk losing her like with the other one. We made out for a bit and she said she should either go home with me or rejoin her friends. I said my place, she said idk, I said lets go, she said she shouldn't leave her friends.
We went back to the dance floor but where her friends were was not readily apparent. We were in an area far from the speakers so I dropped the Bombshell routine (by Suave Kino), and even though I hadn't set it up right (I had already given her plenty of validation) it made her melt. One kiss with a hand wandering around her upper thigh region sealed the deal, and within seconds we were out looking for a cab. Unfortunately all I had was a five on me and the driver wouldn't take debit. I asked a panhandler if he had 3 dollars to make up the difference. He replied "Ill give you three if you give me the five!". cheeky buggar.
At this point she started talking about a boyfriend she has and how she shouldn't be doing this. As I talked to her it became apparent that he was not her boyfriend par se, but she still seemed to be struggling with the ethical implications of it all. Worst of all she called her friend for advice, so she shortly joined the picture. Even though her friend didn't seem to care for this other dude I think her being there put up the slut defense a little. As we made our way back in the club she said stuff like if she sees me later that night, then she sees me, and I should text her in a few days to see if they were broken up and then we would probably sleep together. I went off to find a girl to make her jealous but was kinda tired of approaching, and wolf had some chicks lined up at another bar so we bounced.
All in all it was a pretty great night for my second time sarging in a club!
My sticking points seem to be reaching the hook point and transitioning between routines, so I guess Ill work on that for next time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also could someone tell me how to Specifically pull a girl correctly in this situation. This has happened to me twice now; it seems like they are ready to go to my bed until I get them outside, then their state shifts. Should I be making out with her as soon as we get out of the club (or maybe after we've gotten some distance between us and the crowd outside the club) to keep her arousal up? Or should I do push pull to keep her interested? Also any ideas on how I should phrase my text to her, and would the jealousy plot line have helped in either of these cases I have described?

Thanks for reading!

p.s.: I want to give a big shout out to Suave Kino for his Bombshell routine! Thanks a bunch man!! I hope next time I can put it to use properly
p.p.s: It is amazing how cool girls are with you touching them so long as you are talking. Amazing!