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    Default Told a girl I like her, made it slightly awkward what to do now

    First of all this isn't your typical, I told a girl I liked her story which involves the male never having hooked up with the female, or for that matter even attracting her before he puts himself on blast. This is quite the contrary. So there is a girl I've made out with probably 20 or 30 times this passed year and slept with twice, HB 8.5. The thing, is she used to be the type of girl that never had boyfriends back in high school, she would only hookup with guys, a slut per se. She still hasn't had a boyfriend to this day (19 years of age) but she is a lot more mature and far less of a slut. Me and her have kinda been random hookup buddies, we've liked each other here and there (for the past year). Recently she got very upset at the fact that her friend was hitting on me in front of her. So much so that she walked out of the restaurant and teared up. Anyways the point is she clearly likes me. Fast forward one weekend and we hookup and she tells me she really likes me and shit. But she is pretty drunk. Fast forward two weekends to last Saturday. We hadn't hooked up that night, we were with a group of ppl most of the night and left a party. At the end of the night as I'm dropping her off I open up to her and tell her i like her.

    I specifically said "I wanted you to know that I like you. " I went on to say "I woke up this morning and just wanted to hold you in my arms. Now I realize I took this a bit too far. Her reaction was aww a couple times and gave me a hug. But then she went on to say that she has liked me in the passed and said damn shes in an awkward position right now. She said that she liked me in the passed but didnt quite say anything on the spot. I asked her to kiss me and she hesitated so i said whatever all good, said bye and left. So my question is I know I had to have fucked up, but also what should I do from here? Neither of us have texted each other since then (2 days ago). My plan was to wait for her to text me. Should I do that or text her and be like my bad didnt mean to make it awkward or something. I know that's a horrible text but from her point of view it may be awkward to hit me up right now to hang out, what can she say? Idk and also does she like me at all or did I completely kill it? Also she seems to like me a lot more when she's drunk.

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    Default Re: Told a girl I like her, made it slightly awkward what to do now

    well i think you should definitely text her, if you want her interested in you then you'll have to pursue her, even if she likes you she won't tell you because she thinks you will take it weird, you should take her out drinking with you and your buddies, just try to act like that incident of afc didn't happen, she'll either forget about it (best case scenario), or ask if you really meant it (if she realy likes you). if she does the second just tell her maybe or tell her you were too drunk to remember. worst case she stops talking to you (move on!) you'll be fine, good luck!

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