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    Default Can't figure out where I went wrong.

    So here's the deal. Forgive me, because this is kinda a long story.

    Basically, I'm currently married, however, I am going through the procedures to get a divorce. Anyways, shortly after my soon to be ex and I decided upon a divorce, I met a woman. Now, she's my neighbour in my apartment building. She's a few years younger than I am, turning 20 this year, where I am 25. However, she's a mother of a two year old.

    So, I meet her in April, roughly. We chat occasionally, when we both happen to be out for a smoke. She's pretty damn hot. And she's got a LOT in common with me. So after a bit, I ask her out to dinner. She says yes. However, the night we were supposed to go out, she cancels on me, because she just wanted to be friends. Now, like a fool, I agreed to this.

    Fast forward, and I've been hanging out with her constantly. Pretty much every day before I go to work, and every day after I get home. Seems like maybe I'm making progress, I think. She hangs out with some of my friends, all of whom agree, by her body language, that she definitely is interested in me. So I continue being a nice guy. Helping her out when she needs it, buying her coffees, giving her rides to pretty much anywhere she wants to go.

    All of a sudden, her ex-boyfriend's former room mate shows up. Guy looks and acts JUST like me, except he's taller than I am. And poof, there goes all those months of trying to get with this chick. He's not around a month and he manages to sleep with her, and sure enough, now they're dating.

    I'm pissed, of course. I'm not sure where it was that I went wrong. And I confronted her, and she told me she's not interested. So I'm trying to get past that, but she keeps wanting to hang out when her new guy's not around.

    What the HELL is going on? I hope someone here can help me figure out what exactly I did wrong.

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    Default Re: Can't figure out where I went wrong.

    Hey Bud,

    Is suggest you read as many posts on this site as you can. I can tell you a million things you probably did wrong if you give more detail of how your interactions went. But first let me ask you this: Why the FUCK would you buy a girl anything, except a drink/coffee if you invite her out, before you have sex with her????? on top of that you were giving her rides and being there for her. DAMN!!!! .... not to be mean bro, but trust me, just read as much stuff inhere as you can.

    Your probably not going to understand this yet but if you wanted to fuck her you should of ;
    created sexual attraction from day 1
    - ignored her
    -not been there for her
    -not bought her coffee
    -not given her rides
    -had her see you bringing other girls to ur apt. etc.........\\\ yadda yadda... I would have to rewrite the "GAME" to explain this to you bro. Just read up on here you'll be fine!!!



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