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    Default Almost got her second chances?

    Hey I need some pointers on what to do after...this girl is a friend of a friend, first time we met was at a bar with a few other friends, turns out she just broke up with her bf...then we went to a club, had some kino and before I know she's holding on to me wherever we go...later the night my friend left firsth and she forgot her keys and wallet in his car. We tried call him but he's not picking up, So I tell her she can stay in my place until my friend pick me his phone tomorrow...almost got home, then my friend called and I had no choice but to go pick up her stuff and took her home....a week later she told me she's back with her bf and now we're going nowhere. I don't want to keep coming after her and look desperate, but don't feel like giving up on her either. I guess I must have done sty wrong along the way...any advice on getting her back?

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    Default Re: Almost got her second chances?

    In summary: Don't chase, be chased. Freeze out, push-pull, stay busy yourself. If you get the chance to go out with her again, take it, but don't jump to the opportunity and don't cancel prior planned activities. Some people would say to use BFDs ~ look into it if you're still in contact with her. Avoid getting put into the LJBF zone!!!
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