Okay, I have been with her for 4 years, we had zero problems, other than that her dad hates me. She was getting ready to leave for college so she broke-up with me and told me it was for me, because she would be 3 hours away and she didn't want me waiting for her. The night we broke up she had sex with another guy, two days later made-out with one of my friends. I am the first guy she kissed, held hands with, had sex with, so up to this point I was the only guy she had done anything with, until now, so anyway back to the story. I got a new girlfriend and then suddenly she showed up at my house demanding her things back, but I wouldn't let her inside I just put her things on my front porch, then she tells me that she loves me and wants me back. Well a week goes by and I decide to give her another chance.

So I gave her 2 days of NC and now she's blowing up my phone. What do I do? I've sort of made up my mind at this point that she is the only one I want, I mean I love her to death and I want her back, but it needs to be soon. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated and thank you for your help in advance. A step-by-step plan would be helpful, I will update my progress frequently, but we are around each other frequently so I need to know how to handle NC, but I have to have a little bit of contact do to my situation.

I'm not going to move on from this girl, I know that will be what the majority of you will say, but this is worth the hardships I have to go through, I may have oneitus, but I accept that. So if you can please just give me some tips on how to turn it around and regain some control and maybe improve my pua skills with her, I would really appreciate it.

- Thank You! -