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    Default Attraction Techniques, Need some clarifying

    Hello all, I am still a newbie. I have no trouble approaching anymore but Iam stuck on Attraction techniques. There like Introduction, Attraction Rapport, Seduction if anyone can clarify some techniques that would be much helps thanks.

    Also, what are your takes on approaching girls in high school? , I'm still a senior (18) but I will be entering a new school this year, but I feel like a hopeless AFC

    Any help, thanks.

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    Default Re: Attraction Techniques, Need some clarifying

    As for high school game I dunno, I never got any action in HS, I was just AMOG of the nerds lol.

    As for being at a new school - this is a perfect opportunity for you to build social proof, generate preselection and re-invent yourself as THE awesome social guy using only one simple opener: "What's up. I'm new here, I haven't met you yet. My name's Sean." From there talk about where you're from, what you know about this new place so far, different teachers you met - always in a way that DHV, always ignore / cat string your target.

    Approach every one (guys and girl) meet everyone. Frame your back story in a high value way and make it so you can't walk 50 feet without getting a shout-out or a high five. Girls will see this and instantly become attracted.

    Eat lunch with an HB7 and the other HB6-8 will notice. Then Eat lunch with an HB8 and the HB7-9 will notice. Keep upgrading and begin building an inner social circle of people whos company you actually enjoy, while going out and meeting / being known by all the rest.

    As for building attraction / comfort / escalating kino / seduction etc, there's a lot of good material on this forum. Keep your eyes peeled for threads with titles that interest you, and browse through old material. The search engine works pretty well, also "field reports" and "ask an expert" are good places to start.
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