Hi im new to the threads but you will probably see me pop up alot as im keen to learn.

Let me begin so basically i wanted to try my luck with this girl who is about an high 8 or 9 who all my guy mates talk about all try to talk to her and get blown out, my guess being they all go about it the same way i.e " Your so hot " etc, etc. So i thought why not try a different approach i, so i started by poking her she almost instantly poked back so i left it 20 minutes and messaged her saying
Um..did you just poke me? she as expected replied saying " you poked me first " from their i carried on by leaving a short period of time not to make myself look needy and in a rush to talk to her and replying with " Aw come on now with the lies " anyway it carried on from their we chatted a bit so i decided to try cocky funny and said isn't it past your bedtime misses ? to this she replied " oh sweet heart your banter needs work.. "

Any pointers where i can go from here ?

Cheers Shambala