So, here's a field report:

I was out with an unofficial wingman at a bar and I opened a three-set of girls. After a minute or two I introduced my friend to the group and we got the conversation going well and isolated my target (HB8). My wingman also isolated his target (HB7) after a while and we were both having fun. However, in order for this to work, because the third girl was, somehow, left alone, we made sure that they could still keep eye contact.

Both of us were kino escalating and building rapport and after 15 minutes or so we were getting somewhere. But then, out of nowhere the disaster stroke!

There came that guy, famous for his ability to f-close HB1-HB3 (ha!) with his rude direct approaches, he was drunk and went straightforward towards the third girl, HB6. No one has ever heard of a successful close of this guy with a target higher than HB4. He went next to the third girl and asked for a cigarette. After she handed one over to him he put his arm around her and leaned on her in an attempt to kiss her. She immediately jumped off her seat, stoped a waitress, paid for their drinks, picked up both her friends and all three of them left the place, with HB6 obviously upset.

Now, although I understood HB6's reaction and felt sorry for her experience, I was feeling like strangling that AFC. Not surprisingly at all, after I discussed it with my wingman, he was feeling the same way.

Because I could see it happen, I had taken care to ask him to leave HB6 alone and move on to another party. But being drunk and all he had started to shout at me and my friend to "keep up with your seduction" which could prove disastrous for both me and my wingman, not only with these HBs but possibly with any other girl or set we were going to approach later on at the same place. So I decided to let him play his game, knowing he would fail, but didn't expect it would end like that.

How would you have handled a guy like that in such a situation.

I don't care that much I and my wingman didn't close these girls, but I care a lot about it potentially happening again in the future. So, when I met that AFC two nights after that night, I made myself clear, that whenever in the future he sees me or my wingman engaging in a conversation with a girl or a set, he stays at least 5 meters away! :P

Another solution could be to isolate the targets without them keeping eye contact with their remaining friends, but in my opinion, in such a situation, if I completely isolate my target and the wingman completely isolates his and the remaining girl stays completely alone for more than a little time, it could again force her to come out seeking for her friends, thus canceling the whole isolating concept. Or maybe I and my wingman shall agree that we will isolate one girl at a time in turns?

Thanks for reading so far,