Ok short little story. i finally had my first real kind of pua success.
Got all the way to isolation almost went for a kiss close but i get trigger
anxiety plus this is where the cockblocking comes in she says something
to the effect that she shouldnt and cantdo this because her best friend really
likes me. fast forward one week later and we're hanging out
her best friend is there for about 15min then leaves for work. at this point im playin around with her i start telling her about the signals people give off when they lie after a bit i tell her we should practice. when i tell her to lie to me she says" i dont like you" obviously lying. i start to go in for the kiss i hesitate (TA) and she gives me the bit about her friend. later we are talking ang she gets literally a half inch from my lips with the o sound holding it i sa fark the TA went for it mid way about the third kiss she stops and says "she cant" she imbraces me and just holds onto me with her head on my neck for a while. i want to be successful i see her as a potential long term or at least an fb so please how do i disarm her friend? Any help will be appriecated.