i have recently found lots of new pua videos and ebooks and i was wondering which are still relevant and good for today i am a die hard mystery fan even tho some may say is out of date i think is amazing and every great pua started with it and got higher levels so i recently found some stuff of David DeAngelo and i was woundering if its worth taking the time and using it and is there good material in it i can use (keep in mind i am not a beginner pua)tell me how it is and what you think and how it is

David DeAngelo
77 laws of success
advanced series 2nd edition
approaching women
becoming mr right
cocky comedy
deep inner game
power sexuality

get the girl infield insider
get the girl infield exposed
get the girl ebook

vin de carlo and jullian fox
no flakes

Braddock & MrM
social circle mastery

text guid

ebook & video

Ross jefferies
Psychic influence

Richard La Ruina
Stealth seduction

i want to know if these are relevant to today? and which are worth watching ? and which can potentially take me off the mystery method path and which is good to have and are good and can contribute a lot to my game ? and which can i eliminate ? and did you use any of this and what do you think ? and is there anything from dj fuji that i can get ? and yes i agree most learning is in the field but i wanna get the most i can because i am in love with the pua world and i wanna get as much as i can thank you thats A LOT of questions and if you can ansower i will be very happy to read and know more about thank you