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Thread: Is this going to rekindle attraction from a flake?

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    Default Is this going to rekindle attraction from a flake?

    Long story short, I met a HB7 at my campus shop (campus is empty for summer and I work in the flats). I asked her out and she flaked because she said she forgot because of a family situation and she wants to be a friend along because she's in a "Shakey relationship".

    I played a solid game throughout but I haven't spoke to her since last week. I'm planning on going back to the shop and asking her out again but in a different style.

    If she is there regardless if she's on the checkout or labelling stuff inside the shop I'm going to start off with "hey kid" get a response and say "I'm still not sure about you, I mean you could be the coolest girl I've ever met or a total weirdo". Let her react and say "Ok then, give me your left hand for a sec" Scan her palms like a palm read and look slightly confused but then chuckle to myself slightly. "haha, you have a cute smile, it's probably the third best I've seen today"

    "Haha, have you ever had your palm read?" regardless of response I will say "Oh... well, you just had your palm read". "I don't have enough time though, I've really gotta go back to work but my week is pretty busy, what are you doing on friday?" arrange something and say "Well, I'll explain what I saw when I see you, oh and you're destined to have 3 kids but that's not all, I shall see you later sweetcheeks"

    What do you think? a lot of push-pull with a decent compliment at the end with a reason for her to see me because I've just done something extremely rare in her world because of the location we live at.
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    Default Re: Is this going to rekindle attraction from a flake?

    Here's a nother option: Walk in...if you see her smile say hi...and continue to buy your things. Play with your phone possibly a little and smile a bit as if you are texting someone 'interesting'. Gauge HER reaction to you. Do this as a recon mission before asking out again. If she flaked she may well initiate conversation with you again because a) well she flaked and b) you are sort of ignoring have moved on. If she initiates convo you have her chasing you.

    Make your appearence look good, stay happy and confident. In this situation if you go in with that plethora or openers, palm readings and teasers she will know straight away you are trying hard to get her attention and it could push her away. I'd personally play the aloof card by boldly going back there...but you are not neccessarily going back for her. You have moved on already and are just there for 'supplies'. See how she reacts and work it from there. I wouldn't even be afraid to not bring up going out again and walk out of the shop. If you have her number you can call her later. 'Hey, good seeing you again at the shop!' You can continue to build attraction by what you buy and what you are doing. 'Do you have any sketch books? I want to start sketching some of my little designs and ideas more often'. 'You don't have bandaids do you by any chance? I cut myself cooking last's alright though just a small cut'.

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    Default Re: Is this going to rekindle attraction from a flake?

    I agree with whitedragon. Your routines are nice and all, but don't ignore the investment level. She hasn't done much to deserve those routines. You have to calibrate to her and reveal those things little by little. Throwing a bunch of routines at her all at once will still scream needy because it will seem like you are putting on a show like a dancing monkey.

    Also when building attraction part of it is her wanting your validation. Telling her straight away "you have the third best smile" may not get her to seek your validation. If you really want to make sure she does then you have to first give validation then take it away. (you did on mild level in your example.) Also the timing is important. Don't spit it all out at once and fast.

    "You have an amazing smile. Best smile I've seen today. (slowly count your fingers while looking at the ceiling) have the 3rd best smile I've seen today. (pause then allow a smile to grow on your face) I'll call you Number 3." Credit to Style and Mystery. I've used this myself.

    When you get more practice in and become more of an alpha mindset you will notice that a woman who doesn't do anything special will have trouble holding your attention. What has she really done to hold YOUR attention other than flake? She doesn't deserve the energy required to spit those routines at her since she, so far, hasn't invested much. So just smile at her, but don't engage in conversation. Like it doesn't bother you because it's her loss and another woman is getting the chance to experience the great guy you are.

    This can take some time so if she doesn't initiate after a week then its safe for you to throw some teasing her way, but not necessarily try to start a conversation. Then slowly build off of that depending on her reaction.
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