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    Unhappy The Pain Report - A hopeless case?

    Hello Guys,

    well, i guess for each and everyone of us, while learning to deal with our issues regarding girls, comes the moment where we break. Its the day you get home after the night where so much went wrong. Its that night when you tell yourself: f*ck it, i either get this thing sorted, or i simply vaporize myself along with the next hit of the pipe you smoke when you sit alone in your chair at 6:00 AM and you know that if you just had been a little bit more yourself, you would have taken any of those ten girls home, who looked at you with all of their eyes saying: i am interested in you, show me what you got.

    I just wrote this report during the last few hours and it became so long that i decided it would be extreme to post it. Therefore i will split it in two parts:

    1.) The latest news (and the most important part) which i post here in the first posting
    2.) The whole story (how it all came together) which i post as a first reply to my own post.

    Please feel free to skip (2). Its very long and although i think its a fun read, i can't imagine why anyone would want to do that. Then again i would happy if someone did.

    As for why i post (2) at all? I believe it helps understanding HOW extreme and messed up my situation actually is. That's why

    The Night i died.

    Tonight. Well, its 7:30 AM now so it was yesterday night. But then again who cares?

    Here's the deal. My friend and me, we were in for going to that club again and his girlfriend (he had broken up with but got back together again, no further comment) was to show up along with her best friend (Cathy) who celebrated her 19 birthday. Wow. What an opportunity. For years i heard of Cathy's stunning beauty and how my friend always struggled with the fact that he adored her more than his own girlfriend.

    We moved around the club and at a certain point i stood at a dancing area, looking sort of down onto the main platform and there was a girl (again, absolutely uber-sweet and hot, though probably too young) and she kept looking at me. I took a glance at her companions. A girl who was quite drunk and two nerd-archetype guys, nice guys, friendly young boys, but zero sex appeal. Then again probably more successful than myself who had signed the contract of the everlasting frustrated d1ckster. This girl didn't stop and just wanted me, literally, to go fetch her. Did i do it? You bet. I did NOT!

    So after we hung out there for a few hours, my friend's girlfriend finally showed up. She did not even see me at first (we had met only once before and it was a full and loud club, so i guess i was just ignored as a bystander). I did not like the situation so i simply leaped forward, touched the girl at the arm and thus caught her attention. She smiled and recognized me, i greeted her while noticing that one of her friends was repeatedly looking at me from behind somewhere (people, people, people everywhere). I asked my friend but found out that it was not Cathy.

    After that things got bad because me, my friend and his girlfriend moved over to the smoker's area, as they both wanted to smoke. Due to their relationship struggles and issues they got immersed in some more private conversation and it was loud anyway. I was not introduced to any Cathy. I had seen none. Did this person even exist?

    Things got even worse then. I didn't like being alone in the club. Not at all. I felt super uncomfortable. I had zero confidence. So after pretending to enjoy walking around the club all alone for a few minutes and rounds i decided to just leave. And so i did. I went home, threw on a Game of Thrones episode and took a nice hit from a relaxing pipe which at this phase in life i feel very well connected to. I sat there for half an hour and then received an SMS from my friend that its sad i had left as Cathy is now standing next to them. Well, i thought about it a few minutes and then dressed again. I left and went back to the club. 4 minutes drive. Not that bad. But i was not sober anymore. (Note: i did not drink any alcohol at all today).

    Somehow when i went back, i suddenly felt i belonged there. It was very weird. I felt comfortable and happy. I emanated a positive energy and people felt that when they crossed my ways. I found my friend and his girlfriend very soon and finally, after she had stood aside for a few minutes, my friend did what he had to, and loudly said: "Yes, this is Cathy!" She heard it and then looked at me. This was it, the moment. So i had to do something, right? I think what i did next was just really much okay.

    I immedeately leaned over to her and said: "Oh, so you're the girl with the birthday." She was very drunk but still mentally accessible. She responded and i introduced myself, immideately starting with kino, multiple times. I then realized that the guy she had been talking with before, stood next to us. I greeted him too, shook his hand, touched his arm and acted as though we'd been friends for years. He looked quite likeable anyway, i didn't want to be a d1ck and i also figured it was a good thing to do while she was witnessing it.

    Now this guy whom i will call FRANK, he took off after a while but he returned frequently and flirted with Cathy.

    I for my part did not. I managed to say a few things but that was it. A little later she looked at me and i gave her a smile, and she smiled back. Now to make things clear: Cathy is now 19, she is slim, very fresh and also very sweet and beautiful. Super adorable. I was charged and enjoyed the situation but i had no idea how to move on from there.

    Frank returned for more fun and after a while it was decided that they wait outside for us three others (me, my friend and his girlfriend) to come upstairs so that we all could leave. I did not like it but i got asked whether i thought it possible to drive the people home. I thought about it and didn't add FRANK to my equation so it felt good. But things don't always go so well when you're a girl-retard like me.

    Outside i was asked if Frank could join too and ride along with us. I almost screwed my own status here, because i was about to cut him out. I first said no. Now that i remember the scene, perhaps this was an indicator of ultra-low value to the already drunk Cathy. I don't know. I just know that i changed my mind, got friendly to Frank, gave him some hetero-man-to-man kino at his upper arm and told him that it was okay and even though he now said its alright if he took a cab, i insisted and he came along.

    Well, you can imagine how this felt. Now suddenly i was driving around two couples. One already in action and one coming up. And one of the girls was actually supposed to lay in my arms that night. Well, that was what i would have wanted.

    On the way it turned out that the girls wanted to hang out a bit longer and so it was decided we go to Cathy's place. After we got out of the car, i did something i should have pursued until the end - i announced that it was a sweet time i had with them, but that i will leave and go home. Now the group started to rant and i was asked to come along. I was pissed, inside, because they didn't get the message. A couple? Her best friend and a guy who hits on her, sits in the back of my car with her head on his shoulders? What the heck will happen in Cathy's place? Frustration of course. And pain. I did not want that. And from their side - i was the fifth wheel on the car. Nobody needed me there. I wanted to escape this hell. But the creepy group dynamics and my will to blend in made me stay. So i stayed.

    Upstairs i noticed a lack of interest from Cathy. She soon sat down next to Frank and they engaged in some kino. Frank was really a cool guy, i respect him. But still, for me, the weakest link in the whole chain, he was a horror because without his presence, even though i would unknowingly have been second choice, i would have ended up being the one she asks to help her with opening her dress that was stuck, according to her. Frank sure has a nice time with her while i sit here typing this. But well, i am not yet (even though almost) finished.

    I did not have a very good position - wasn't seated that well. When i managed to turn my head more in the direction of Cathy and Frank, i just realized that in her reality i probably wasn't even there any longer.

    At one moment Frank said to me: "You look tired."

    Now i did not really enjoy that because i interpreted it as "get the fark out, you are messing up the balance in the room". Well, its what i wanted to hear i guess.

    The girls left for girly-chit-chat a bit later and because i did not like how Frank had treated me i decided to break the ice. I touched his shoulder and said: "Just among us three man, tell me, am i somehow getting in your way, you know, with Cathy?".

    It was then when he explained that he is unsure whether to even do this (with her, engaging in more) but he also didn't leave out the nice detail that he could if he wanted. I knew that i couldn't match this confidence anyway. Shame. He got what i wanted. No stupid chicky wars. Matter of fact: he deserved it. I did not. Girls don't fall on their knees in front of most of us, we have to work the whole thing. And i did not. Even though i could have. Given the situation.

    Soon i announced that i would leave. It then took my friend and his girlfriend about ten minutes to decide whether to stay and take a cab later or whether to accept my offer of riding them home (which i had announced earlier was still standing as our plans had changed before). And then we got up to leave, all three. Frank and Cathy were set for a beautiful night. I was set for pain and my friend and his girlfriend were set for some super perverted sexual experience, i guess (their story is an entirely different one).

    When i left, i said goodbye to Cathy who then was quite friendly again, thanked me for the ride and instead of a handshake gave me the signals that she wanted a kiss, which i provided trying to look as casual as possible.

    I drove my friend and his girlfriend home and then i just did my best not to implode and die before reaching home.

    The Aftermath

    I don't know, guys. I am broken. Really down. I am crying, literally, because this is like the most evil damn thing i can imagine. To be left out, to lose when you so much long to win. Its such a pain. And i don't know how to handle so many deaths in such a short time. How? Can anybody tell me? Where to get the strength from to keep going and not just get your balls cut off? (As if that would help)

    I sit here, 8:00 AM now, typing this. I probably farked up with Cathy completely, even though i was well announced before and she really liked me in the beginning, i have no idea whether she would even look at me after what followed. She was very drunk, but it was obious she is a smart girl and thus was still somehow mentally present. She will remember her impression of me. I am certain.

    Now when i got home i had two choices: cry and be shaken in pain, self-hatred and fall down that hole. Or sit down and write like crazy. Write, write write and not let myself fall.

    I chose number 2 but now that i am about to lie down alone in my bed i guess there will still be some space left for number 1.

    Still, i guess the fact that i sat down and wrote all this is of help. Even though i highly doubt anyone actually reads all of it

    After all those mess-ups, after all those failures and all those moments of being the worthless, low-level wannabe man, there is a single question ringing in my head.


    Really, i don't know why. I would like to know what is causing this. But even more so, even after having read enough PUA material, why can't i break that ice? What's wrong with me? Why do i fail over and over.

    Now i wrote this primarily to share, but if someone feels he has something important to say about my experiences, i would greatly appreciate it because i have no friends who can understand my pain in this regards. And i guess people being involved in pickup will understand it much better.

    Kick me in the ass if you like. I guess reading about all my options and opportunities and how i managed to mess them all up must be at least half as frustrating as experiencing all that for real.

    What did i learn?

    A lot. And nothing.

    I guess i learned that, quite frankly, there will always be a FRANK around to complicate things. Just like in Donnie Darko, Frank is the demonic little rabbit that hops into my life in certain moments. Frank is the one who makes the impossible even more impossible.

    I also learned that there are limits. Limits to how much i can take. Today was such a frustration. I don't know how more frustrating it can get. I don't know when i will or would break.

    I learned that something is inherently wrong with me. And that unless i figure this out, i will never achieve balance in relation to my societal surroundings.

    I learned that for every beautiful girl i missed out, i could have had the time of my life and that the absence of these experiences leaves a growing gap that grows harder to fill with every day i waste.

    And finally, i learned that my anxiety and fear does not feel like one. I think i am worse than the rest, because i don't even get to the point of feeling anxiety of approaching, because i just don't allow it as an option in my head. Now we have heard about methods to overcome approach anxiety. How do you overcome the anxiety of the anxiety? How do you treat the wound that is embedded in an even deeper wound?

    I just feel like i am a hopeless case and there is no help for me.

    Bottomline reached.

    The bottomline for me is that i am probably just not that likeable. I look good, but i probably suck as a person. As a human being. Even though evidence that does not come from interactions with girls does say otherwise, this is the conclusion i arrive at.

    Will i ever get better? Will i ever improve and be able to reach the goals i want? Right now, i don't know. 24 hours ago i had no doubt.

    Thank You everyone for reading. I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: The Pain Report - A hopeless case?

    (This is the rest of my story, the pretext to it, sort of - please skip it unless you are really interested in the details or would like to try it for a good read)

    This report is not meant to be the casual "i share my story" thing. I am new here. This is my vindication. This my very message saying: there is nothing in my life that causes me more emotional and mental pain than how i become around girls i want.

    This report is authored as a short novel, because releasing my frustration so openly will probably break the limits of every fracking textbox i can find on the net and unless i make it an enjoyable read, nobody will ever go through this.

    Introduction of the Broken

    I am 30 years old. Unfortunately i developed a huge longing for younger girls, from 18 on. I am 175 cm tall, with 63 kilos i am slim, but i know i look just great. I am half greek and half finnish and i live in Austria, Vienna - so i got the exotic bonus. My first name is the King of Sparta and i know they love it. I know how to use words and i make friends when i travel the world. People like me. I have a strangely instable but somehow highly adventerous and crazy life. I visited 32 countries and even though i left school the moment it was legal to do so, i ended up having a small company running my business and earning my cash. All in all, i think i did great. Really, i do think that.

    But add my dreamgirl to the equation and i break. I die. Its like the ultimate kick in the ass. Something that hurts more than anything i could imagine. Because we humans are actually made to bond, and when you fail to bond with the ones you desire to be close to, it can kill.

    Now i am not suicidal. I want to live. But if i were a suicidal person, tonight would have been the night. Want to know how i arrived there? Read on

    A little appetizer?

    First Course: Vividly Coloured slices of Hopes accompanied by the Dreamsoup of Love and belonging

    A few weeks ago i went to do some sports and bathe in a lake, after which i went to a bar which turned out to have hired a waitress from Hungary. Quite a few actually. But one made the show for me. She was absolutely sweet. And when she first saw me walk up there, right after a cold shower, fresh and well-settled, her eyes were stuck on me for many seconds. I said hi, ordered a drink and when she initiated contact by saying something to me that i accoustically didnt understand, my jerk-factor got supercharged and i immedeately blanked out to say "hahah", smile and look at her as though i was mentally deranged beyond what Arnold Schwarzennegger could offer you at that level.

    Later on, after i sat down on a table for an hour, she came up and asked me if i had any further wishes?
    "Yes, the bill please."

    Smiling, she left. I got my bill. I left. Went home to the house of my mum which i was to keep an eye on for a month while she is gone somewhere else. I was lonely out there and this event with the Hungarian waitress-princess triggered something. I longed for love, for being together with a girl again, but i also longed for going where i feel i want to be. Girl-wise. I don't want to end up with the overweight girl, but even that almost never took place.

    Who is this man?

    Now to clear matters for a minute: i have had a few beautiful girlfriends. Both relationships of multiple years each. The girls were young but very smart and super sweet. We had a great time. But my wish to be with the girl i desire, the slim, sweet, beautiful "perfect" girl most of us would probably want. This seed i sew and it grew in my head until it got so huge that now this longing has almost turned into an obsession.

    Back to the present. I decided to see this waitress again, even though i was aware that girls who are heated up, cool down and will have to be heated up again.

    When i went back, she wasnt there. It was a long drive and i did not do it again, until very recently. But first we have to carve through another chain of events.

    Fast forward to the present. 5 weeks. I am back in Vienna. And aside from the usual daily response i get for my good looks and sometimes good presence, nothing much happened. My former girlfriend sends me sweet messages and i know i could get my closeness from her anytime, but i don't want that. All i can think about is "the other girl" archetype. And i also know my former girlfriend is a friend i really care about, but she is not the girl i want to be "close with" anymore.

    The Czech Experience (also known as The Big Surprise)

    Two saturdays back i went to the Czech republic because of some private business stuff, ended up in a dirty underground-type bar in a small town, all alone. I got to knew someone because of business and then there was this girl i already saw at the entry. She saw me too and gave me good visual response as she did not turn away her glance before some seconds had passed. She sat down at the table i was sitting at, with those two guys. And after a while she leaned over and asked me "How old are you?". I responded, smilingly, mocking her: "That's none of your business". Wow, holy crap! Was that me? Or who was that? I don't know that guy!

    Even though i was unable to keep a fluent conversation going with her (i never know what to talk about with them, but i know what to talk about with anybody else without a problem), i was able to flirt with her very well - i made funny remarks, i drank out of her beer bottle without invitation, receiving naughty smiles for that and when she left the table for a minute she decided to rub legs and ass on my lap more intensely than required. It was obvious that she was interested. That evening however, i came along, i was a stranger to the country as well as the place and i had a mission in that place that had nothing to do with girls whatsoever. Was that the magic formula?

    I got into what is called "kino" very early. I touched her hips, her arm, shoulders and even the sensitive abdomen when she stood on a stair right in front of me, thus elevated slightly. She enjoyed it. But there was a problem. A boy who obviously knew her. I talked to him at quite some length and he was a nice guy, i really liked that person. And i was not pissed or something, about the fact that he decided to hit on the girl like wild. He knew her before. I noticed that because before they found one another in the room, he had called her on her phone.

    Fortunately, this guy whose name was actually FRANK (how ironic!) was no reason for her to keep off me. She made sure to give me a lot of attention in between but the more he noticed, the more he stayed close to her and the more he blocked her by forcing constant conversation. I started to feel i was at the wrong place, so i left. I said bye to both of them, very politely, also to Frank. In fact i thougth to myself: damnit, if i can do this here i can do it anywhere. I don't need this experience. Let Frank have his fun.

    The truth was, of course, that i did not have the balls to claim this girl for me. She was 18 by the way, slim, beautiful and hot as hell. And given her behaviour: horny, too. Quite some, actually.

    Clubbing to a useless Revival

    Last tuesday i went to a club with a friend who just broke up (again) with his girlfriend, 19 years old. The club is strange for me. I haven't been out like that for probably 5 years or more. I got loads of visual response from girls. My friend told me (the next day) that three chicks had smiled at me that evening and i did not even react in any way. There were girls who were involved in conversations with boys and those girls would look at he instead, repeadeatly, over many minutes. Any decent mentally healthy person would have sat next to them, talking to them, flirting with them, within seconds. I just stood there like a damn chimp on crack

    Then a girl entered the club. Backflash! A few months back i lived in a place outside Vienna and the daughter of the landlady (which i will call Mary) had an 18 year old friend (which i will call Sarah) who had an eye on me from the first time she saw me visit the Café she used to work in. I know i got "background noise - social proof" with Sarah through Mary. i know she (Mary) adores me secretly and even though she is not my type i catch myself thinking "she is quite beautiful, but her mother is so fragging ugly" (no offense intended, but when i say "you would agree with me if you saw her", i want you all to get my full meaning!). She simply is ugly to look at. She passes beyond that point where its a matter of subjective opinion.

    Now on top of it all, Sarah is the embodyment of my dreamgirl. She is super slim, extremely cute, young and very sweet and friendly. But trust me, whenever she served me in this Café, i found ways to act so casual that she had no idea i was even noticing her at all.

    But back to that club where i then saw her in (first, after over a month of not being in that Café anymore). When she saw me, she started to smile and greeted me (by gestures, as the club was loud and there were a few metres and even more people between us). I smiled back, raised my fingers to show the peace sign and then looked away. Shortly after that she stood behind me and my friend while we talked. She smoked a cigarette. I saw her out of the corner of my eyes but made sure she wouldn't know (this is one of those indicators for that strange mental illness i seem to suffer from). The next day my friend told me that after five or six minutes she threw away her cigarette, with a frustrated gesture. And she left. Do you think i even made a move? No. Nothing. And i did not even feel ready for regrets.

    Pharmaceutical Felonies

    A few days later i went to the pharmacy in the morning to pick up some stuff. There is a girl who works there, this one is actually more of a woman, per sé - she is 33 years old. I did not know that until this day. She knew me because a few years back i came to the pharmacy when she had a nightshift and i asked for help because of my diarrhea. How sweet a topic. She gave me what i needed but more importantly, she loved how i asked her: "Do i have a bandworm?".

    I loved her for helping me and a few days later brought her a soap from India as a gift. She was very flattered and from that on i was sure to have a place in her heart more than only temporarily. Years passed however, and i did not see her again except for a few times when i acted occasional and left quickly.

    But that day i went there so early to get my stuff, she asked me how i was and that lead to a conversation that lasted two hours, unfortunately however, repeadetly interrupted by clients she had to serve. But still, she did often re-initiate the conversation on her own after the clients left. She is slim, as tall as me, brown hair, very cute face and very friendly and well-mannered. I knew i should have left. I had a feeling. Two hours was too long.

    And right before i could say anything, she said (although in a very relaxed and friendly, non-offensive way) that she had to mix some stuff together in the backroom. Crap! I missed my show. Now i was kindly being told to leave. How could i let this happen?

    Now these events lead to a certain buildup of more desires to succeed with girls. More and more i realized how much i could achieve if only i weren't such a mess with girls.

    I decided i have to start doing something about it all. So i created:


    The most stupid piece of theoretical crap i ever came up with.

    The mission was simple. Drive to the Café and meet Sarah, show her that you're interested, ask her out and then leave for the Lake to meet the Hungarian waitress, let her know you're interested and ask her out.

    But OPERATION LOVEMAKER did not go that well. Sarah was not there, obviously not in shift or not working there any longer and the Hungarian waitress, who was actually there, even though she remembered me and gave me a very sweet and open smile, was busy working and did not show me the affectionate signals i first got from her. As i already knew - she would cool down. Then there was a guy. He came about 15 minutes after i arrived and still wondered how i should do this. By listening to what he said i figured out he had been there last night and was drunk. He flirted with the waitress, a few minutes, then she had to work - again came back, flirted a bit. She seemed to enjoy him but not to be particularily interested. Even though i respect other guys a lot, he became an annoyance to me. Just like Frank. And i even told myself: wow, Frank from hell is back in town! And the poethical portion? Same play, different stage!

    I sat in that bar for two hours reading shit on my iphone and pretending to read newspapers and books. Like a complete idiot i sat there and waited until Frank from Hell the 2nd left. But he didn't. And when he finally did, do you think i actually broke the ice? I was scared even more because i had hesitated for such a long time AND Frank had already messed up the girl's daily dose of useless smalltalk.

    Now when i ordered a salad i decided to do my best and when she stood there in front of me, behind the bar, busy cleaning some stuff, i had my first successful move in YEARS. If not ever when it comes to such situations.

    I opened my mouth. Trust me, i am not exaggerating here: my mouth was shaking, i had to run three attempts to say something. Luckily before i said anything, she did not see me. So well.

    What i asked her was, of course, well-prepared crap. I asked if she comes from a certain area from Hungary. She laughed, she seemed flattered and she responded well, explaining that she comes from somewhere else in Hungary, some village. She tried to explain but i did not know the geographical reference points, so this topic faded away in a few seconds and then i asked a bit about her work, then added a stupid remark about her bad mood earlier that day and how it had improved. Soon she turned away and continued to work. I was not proud of myself. It was a huge step for me but the result was zero. I guess i performed like crap.

    The place got more busy then and i decided it is time to leave. And so i left.

    Operation Lovemaker had failed. Officially.

    But fear not, young stupid Padawan peeping tom, there is still hope. Let's drive back to the Café and see if Sarah showed up.

    With doubts in my mind (the ones i ALWAYS have) that i will even do anything about it if she's there, i drove there and ordered a tea, noticing her further abscence. Something dark was coming. I felt it.

    Therfore when paying my bill i initiated a small conversation with the other waitress there, whom i had not known but seen many many many times for many many many years.

    I asked "What happened to that cute casual employee type waitress you had, i don't know her name - you know, the slim one, with the hair always bound, quite a young girl i'd say."

    "Which one do you mean", the waitress responded. "Oh i know! Cathy! I call her the doll-girl because she has a face like a doll (Narrator: i told you guys, she was a hottie!!)."

    "Yeah, that one."

    "Well, she no longer works here. I think she went to London for a few months."

    No further questions Your Honour. Thank You. My day was made. I'm a sensible human being, male yes, but sensible as sh*t and i felt the pain rise.

    I knew i had blown it. Perfect girl. Perfect chance. Gone. 3 months at least. I'm scheduled to leave this country for a world trip in December. Might take a year until i come back. This train left the station. Forever.

    And i went through a painful process of sitting at home and shaking inside in order to understand all those losses. Losses because they all were missed chances to achieve happiness. Other guys might not even get any of these and they perform better than me, who has girls swarming around them at some times, but still messes it all up. I was sad.

    The past needs a cleanup

    I remembered my recent years, my close past. I thought back and realized. Wow, i really had blown it so often in my life that it is beyond counting. The sweetest girls. The jewels. I missed out on it. Why? Because i am mentally ill, i guess. You tell me. I don't know anymore

    Seven years ago i got to know a 17 year old girl, sister of a friend's friend - whom i pulled into my field by saying Hi when she got introduced to me, but then quickly looking away and returning to the conversation i had been in before. She loved that. She loved me for that. I got all her attention that evening.

    That girl took my scarf and said i would get it back on her 18th birthday, a week later, and i am invited to the party.

    Nice. So i went there. And what happened?

    She tried to kiss me twice that night, once by trying to get me to kiss her and the second time by following me outside to my cab at 4:00 AM when i finally said i'd leave. Both times i did not kiss her. I guess i wanted to be the noble knight who can wait. Frack that stupid knight. That piece of nothing. I hate him Because when i think back of that girl (Emily) i could just cry. She was so extremely hot that even when i saw her again years later with about 200% of her iniitial weight caught on her bones, her face still looked like perfection and ultimate sweetness.

    Get me my meaning please, i ****cked up COMPLETELY for years and years and years. All my life. And so many opportunities were blown to the wind.

    But wait, there is still more. Because someone so extremely stubborn as me needs more kicks in the butt. I guess my butt was not bleeding hard enough so i chose a way to find more events to hurt the hell out of me.

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    Default Re: The Pain Report - A hopeless case?

    I'd like to help but this is waaay long. Any way you could summarize it into like 50 words??

    What you want -> how you tried to get it -> what got in the way -> what you want to improve.

    Shorter posts tend to get more replies. If you can't condense this whole one down, try taking one issue from one section of this post and change the several issues in this really long post into single issues of several short posts.

    That will help you change a lot of these views into relpies.
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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