PUA's this is my first post hear.

I am new to the GAME and this pua stuff.

ok so,

I know this cute girl(she is single) from about a year we are in same class and hangout daily. we do most of the stuff together. we flirt, talk sexy, cuddle up, drink together.

When i met this girl i dont have any feelings for her and we dont hangout together and dont do any flirting or anything because we both are in different groups. but later our interactions increased and we started to hangout together and thats the time when i grew feelings for this girl.

so when i tried to make a move(i know pure AFC) she denied and said she dont have any feelings for me.

The girl is pretty cute and dont want to do any stuff without me. she dont go to collage if i am not going etc.

I tried my best to get out of the FRIEND ZONE. I tried freezing her out(she cried when i started to ignore her), I tried flirting sexually but didnt go too far. I always Kino her as much as i can but that didnt help too.

So guys please help me with this pretty complex case for me as i am still an AFC

I will appreatiate your help