So I met this girl at a house party. We talked for some time, and had quite a few things in common. We were also very drunk. Towards the end of the night, I told her I liked her a little (lol) and went in for a kiss. She kissed me back and asked me to text her.

I texted her back the next afternoon saying I had fun hanging out with her, and had a short text conversation about something we talked about last night. I want to ask her to hang out this weekend.

Should I text her on Friday, and instead of asking should i go like, 'Hey I'm heading out to this bar xyz on 53rd and madison with a couple of friends. You should come. It'll be fun

Is that good enough? I dont think I'm ready to go out on a one on date with her yet, but is asking her to hang out with me and my friends seem like I'm not interested? I also dont want to sound too keen because I know that's a turnoff too