There is a girl I recently met. We are both freshmen at college.

At orientation before school started we met talked a bit and flirted a little. Did not get her number.

Three days later, the first day of college we walked by each other on the sidewalk outside. She was going to work out and I was going back to my dorm. I asked if she wanted to go for a walk so we went. We walked for 3 WHOLE HOURS, talking, and laughing, and building great rapport the whole time.

Then we decided to go out for a drive and get ice cream and she was jokingly treating me like crap so I said it felt like we were already married and skipped all the fun stuff. So at least you have to hold my hand. She did and would occasionally squeeze it. After 2 hours of getting ice cream we came back to my dorm and watched a scary movie cuddling the whole time and she took off her sports bra.

I eventually went in for a kiss and she moved away. Not thinking much of it I waited a bit longer. We started another scary movie and again tried to give her a kiss, but she moved and I hit her cheek. She then said she wanted to hang out more first. So whatever. We cuddle the whole time. Give each other back massages and what not and then she goes off to her room with a warm hug good night.

The next few days roll on and we hang out on and off most every other day. So a lot of seeing each other in the first few days. Huge rapport build, but maybe too soon. Especially with the denied kiss I kind of got ahead of myself.

So then it was her birthday friday and I got her a 1.5 L of Jack Daniels in a huge box and left it outside her dorm and ran away. This was on thursday i pulled this escapade of mine. She then called me like 5 minutes later asking if was from me because I wrote "to my favorite lil ginger" and she knew I loved gingers.

So Friday rolls around being her birthday and all and we don't see each other but I text her in the day saying "Happy birthday my favorite lil ginger" strongly hinting I gave her the gift. Very smooth on my part. Later that day we saw each other briefly and she was going to go play volleyball with her friends. I invited her to watch a movie again because I knew she wanted to so why not? She declined because she made a promise to her friends prior to my invitation. Even though I would not see her all weekend.

Then it became saturday and I was in a different town the whole weekend and we never got to celebrate her birthday so whatever. We would do something next week.

Next week comes and we hang out again, go hang out around town get some food and check out a farm for her horses. Bla bla bla, having fun the whole time. But at this point she did seem a little indifferent to me, and though she was incredibly giggly at almost everything I said, which she is not with everyone, it seemed like I was slowly becoming the friend.

At this point when she was driving I was stroking her arm because we had cuddled so much. But I did notice she would not really ever return any of the physical contact at this point and almost seemed indifferent if I were touching her or not. So since she did not want a kiss and I needed to spark more attraction I said ok let me try something. So I slowly pulled her hair behind her back and kissed from her shoulder up her neck and kind of sucked on her ear for a second. She said she liked it. Then we said bye because I had to go do homework.

Another few days pass and we on and off text and meet up for random meals of the day. Then two weeks after the initial monday we hung out for so long we were hanging out and she would not sit down next to me to watch a movie on her lap top, making up all sorts of excuses. And so at this point I am like ok I know you like me and I maybe kind of like you so come sit your butt down, its movie time. And she didn't really give a strait answer but told me she thinks that we are looking for different things, hinting at me wanting relationship but her only friendship. She then said I have to go shower, and 5 minutes later kicked me out of her room after that ackwardness.

I texted her after that and said the same thing, i know you like me don't try and hide it. and she responds "no there really is nothing there". And I get a little pissed like wtf. And she says she can still be friends, and I am just trying to remain cool and not be friend zoned. I would rather be in no relation than friends with her. So I told her nah I hope things work out with your ex bf who she would often mention and still skype and fb him a lot. And after that she said K,bye. Like not even caring but I couldn't help feel that she was hurt. Even after I felt like I hurt her I was just being stubborn and so pissed so I said "Oh and totally trying to be a d1ck, but I need a few bucks for the jello" (as I bought her jello earlier). No contact after that for labor day weekend.

Today I just saw her, being week 3. She was in the snack bar and noticed me, and I noticed her, no eye contact and just walked away.
That was yesterday. Today she is in my psychology class for all semester and she was walking right past me. I said "oh hey" and she just said hey and kept walking. I replied "do you want to come back here and talk to me?" And she said "no, you're being an asshole."

So what it sounds like to me was I was totally in the clear to make this girl into a great girlfriend but so damn excited about it that I almost pressured her into it; therefore shewing me away.

She grew up in a small town and has few friends, but a desperate boyfriend who is trying to get back with her and they have had sex and everything.

I really am not sure what to do next. Maybe wait a week or two, and send her a text or something. Not sure what to say, but staying very in control, leading, and not friend-zoned.
Also she lives in the conjoined dorm to mine, so it is way easy to see each other on accident. So the texting might not work if we see each other a face to face confrontation would be better.

Normally I would say fark it and find another girl but I cant have this girl be the one that got away. Not without a fight. Help me out guys, and do ask for any more details I may have forgotten.