So life got busy, started a new job, school is back, and everything is going well. The PUA forum just helped me maintain the confidence, and be more proactive, extremely beneficial. Anyways I met this girl in the library through a stroke of luck because I had a meeting cancelled so decided to do some hw. I had some small talk, and could tell from her body language, tone she was really enjoying my company. Met no resistance on number close and went well. However I'd like advice on text game, it didn't go as easy as I would have thought.

Her: You're conceited loll
(when we exchanged number: I put cute (my name)) haha

Me: Haha u like that tho and hi (her name)

Her: Lol hi (me)

Me: So whatchu been up to today?

Her:Nothing much, I felt really sick today :/ you?

Me: Really, how so? Just got home from my awesome job hah

Her: I was coughing and sneezing all day< I was just a hot mess lol. Sarcasm? Ha

Me: Hot mess? lol just a mess mayb Nah i love my job, chikfila yeaa

Her: Lol hook me up with some chikfilaaaa!

Me: Haha no, that's against the rules

Her: Lol i was totally kidding, I'm not a big fan anyways

Me:Lol liarr, u just haven't been to the right one

Her: They are all the same lol

Don't know what to respond, i could make a joke, or just ignore it. Right now I'm just trying to establish rapport, but at the same time I want to make an impact and see if I can progress this into a relationship. Idk what steps to take , so guys help me out here! Just met her yesterday hah if that helps.